Sunday, August 25, 2013


Is there anything prettier than lace curtains blowing in the wind, and roses peeking in at the window? We suffered through July to get to August, and we're being rewarded with the best of summer.

This morning I was up early for my walk. I have given up on getting Larry to go with me; it's hard enough to motivate myself! So I get up now and get out as early as I can. This morning I was on the ridge just as a glorious red sun rose over the hilltops. No camera with me so you will have to envision how it looked--mist in the hollows, the hayfields newly cut, a soft breeze, baby blue sky and pink clouds around that scarlet orb.

I returned to the house and got busy pruning. The flowerbeds took advantage of my absence and went wild. Five wheelbarrow loads of cuttings, weeds and deadheads later, I am still not done. The rest will have to wait because peaches and tomatoes are waiting for me. But I took a break and wandered around the yard, picking and eating ripe peaches and Concord grapes.

This is the part of summer I like best. I am no fan of July, although it redeems itself by being the month when several of my loved ones have birthdays. Other than that, I'd be happy to skip the whole month. But then August comes with its shorter days, long, slow evenings and cool nights, ripening fruit and slower-growing grass. It's like we can take a long breath and breathe out slowly. There is still plenty of work to do; the gardens are at their peak early in the month and weeds begin going to seed, potatoes need to be dug and all that garden bounty put up. But the frantic pace of June and July is past and we can actually slow down a little and just enjoy the result of our labors.

I think I'll run back out and get a few more grapes before starting on those peaches. There soon will be no grapes on the vines and this beautiful month will be over. Best to enjoy it while we can.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, you're a month ahead of us. August is our busy month with most of the fruit and garden produce coming in. And the wasps-yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, paper wasps. There's a constant flurry of wings hovering over the ground. You can't eat outside at all. It's my least favorite month. Batsy in Idaho

Michelle said...

Those peaches sound so good. Our two peach trees, which were quite old, died off a couple of years ago.

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