Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recent Finds from Girdles to Lighters to 130-year-old Glass

Still sorting, cleaning and pricing today. Here's a few things added to my eBay sales (which you can also see by going to my ebay list, just click here):

I buy Jadeite mugs here and there, then sell them as a lot. For some reason they seem to bring a better price that way. This color is very popular these days, so I am always on the lookout for it.

Lovely crystal pitcher that is heavy, heavy glass. Crystal is so-so as far as selling, yet I can never resist it because I love its sparkle.

A cute little Fenton clock in an iridescent blue-green color that seems to be fairly rare.

Ah, Blenko! Blenko glass is uniquely styled and often easily identified because of its modernistic look and the bright colors they favor. Made right here in West Virginia!

Okay, go ahead and laugh. Yes, it's a girdle, or corset, whatever you want to call it. And oddly, collectible. Steampunkers seem to use these for something although I have no idea what.

Gorgeous Czechoslovakian crystal decanter with its original label. And ya know, that country was divided back into the Czech Republic and Slovakia about 20-some years ago, so that provides a date of sorts for this piece.

Anchor Hocking made this pattern, called Lido, in the 60's. I remember buying my mother a pitcher in the amber color for Christmas one year, for 69 cents. Now it's retro and cool, especially in this aqua color.

4 Hazel Atlas coffee mugs from the 1940's-50's. I like Hazel Atlas glass for its simple patterns and graceful, retro lines.

It took me a long time to identify these two Mosser Sweetheart Eyewinker stems. The ruby color is deeper than it appears in the photo.

And my passion, Early American Pattern Glass. I am learning to control it; even though pieces of EAPG are over 100 years old, only certain collectors are interested in it and it takes a while to sell. This piece is from 1880's, made by the Hobbs glass company in Wheeling, WV. It's called Viking or Bearded Man. I am not certain the lid actually goes with the dish; it may have been originally on another piece but it fits this one well enough.

And last, a pretty crystal lighter made by Princess House with its original label. According to what I learned, this is a "gas" lighter. You fill it with fluid and the fumes from the fluid are what ignites the lighter when it is struck. Cool, huh?

That's it for the moment. I have much more listed, so I may show more of it later. You can see everything I have listed (about 100 items) by clicking here. Please do shop and feed the starving storyteller :)

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Love love love the jadeite. I have some pieces, not many as I rarely find it.
All beautiful items. The corset is actually a back brace. Husband has four of them from various back surgeries. Anyway love all the glassware. Love the pitcher. I'm a sucker for those as well.
Blessings, Barb

Anonymous said...

Im not sure how old this post is? The red goblets are not Eye Winker, they are called Jeweled Heart by Dugan glass, Lg Wright also made them from the Dugan molds in red, and called them Sweetheart.

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