Friday, August 23, 2013

My, How It Does Pile Up: Recent Finds

One good thing about being on the road as much as I have been in the last two months: I have a chance to find new places to pick up things for my booths. One bad thing about it: no time to sort, price and stock it! I did fairly well until mid-July but then the pace got crazy with storytelling and gardens and now I am reaping the rewards of that neglect.

Stuff has been piling up all over the house as we unload the van after each trip. I do my best to keep it orderly but after a while...well, it seems to start a life of its own. So today I have been de-cluttering, unpacking, sorting and cleaning the things I picked up on my travels. I thought I'd share some pictures of some of them. I am not nearly finished unpacking it all, and there are no photos of the furniture pieces I picked up but perhaps I can get to those in a later post, or after they are placed in one of the booths. I am also working on eBay listings (neglected this summer) so I will write another post with photos of some of the new listings.

Here's part of today's mad mess:

Maybe I'd better start with the other side and go around the table. One thing that's encouraging is that it never looks like as much stuff once I get it al unpacked and set out where I can work on it.

Surprisingly, some of the things I found were at antique malls. Some of these items will go on eBay, and some to the booths. From left: small red handled wisk, Hull Cinderella pitcher, a made-in-California rooster cookie jar, chrome manual juicer, Shawnee Pottery corn pattern sugar bowl and butter dish, a chrome waffle maker, and an aluminum cake carrier. I scored several cake carriers; funny how sometimes it happens that way. They are typically good sellers. The one below, however, I am keeping because it can carry a cake and two pies, and that's mighty handy.

Here is the third cake carrier; it will carry a cake and one pie, and it too has the tiedown metal strap across it to keep everything together. Alsi in this photo is a small wire cage, 6 Anchor Hocking Lido iced tea glasses from the 60's, a coal miner's hardhat and a set of 2 blackwood shelves and matching candleholder that look like someone's attempt at the ever-popular primitive look.

And Snoopy! This mug is suprisingly collectible; I guess I am constantly surprised at what people collect.

 In this photo, 2 red and green glass vases, 4 tall amber and crystal goblets that match the others I have, 4 Colony glass blue and white shot glasses, a crystal pattern glass nappy, vintage cup rack...

pink Rubbermaid (I think) sugar canister, red square covered Pyrex dish, a set of 8 green Depression glass wine glasses, metal tole painted tray, tall pasta tin,

set of 3 nesting copper bowls, a vintage stapler, a butter churn, an old wood case with handle, an aqua metal box,

one of those oh-so-popular metal stars nestling inside the copper bowls,

an amethyst Candlewick dish, Home Interiors rose picture on top of a retro clock and several other pictures and mirrors,

a very pretty bird casserole that is marked on the bottom (but it's unreadable),

a winter scene galvanized can (maybe it held popcorn?) small shelf and small wood wagon, nice framed mirror,

green glass mixing bowl, aqua blown glass vase and 4 Blenko honey amber glasses (also blown glass),

a silverplated footed tray, oval mirror and 3 framed documents that follow the blooodlines of English royalty,

 a chair full of lamps (amazingly they all work) and a gold trimmed, grape-decorated divided dish,

a beautiful transferware ironstone pitcher and bowl that is so heavy,

 a fine, large vintage fan that Larry immediately claimed. Works great, too!

a beautiful old compote that I claimed,

and finally, a lovely enameled brass vase that might also be a keeper.

Well, that's some of it, anyway. Now to get to work on pricing, tagging, listing in my inventory...the not-so-fun part of this occupation.

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3 comments: said...

I would like to have that butter churn please. I have been looking everywhere for one of those and have had no luck. Can you please email me back with a price and how to go about getting it from you. I realize this is not the usual way to go about this sort of thing, but I didn't want to chance losing it if it posts up on ebay. Sincerely....

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

The best Sue - great, great finds.

Jeanne Baney said...

I love to see what everyone else is finding! Your copper bowls are amazing!

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