Thursday, September 12, 2013

Booth Update: Marietta

Not too many changes at Marietta lately, as sales have been slow. I added the copper bowls, the desk lamp and a few tins,

and started a sale to pump up sales. Furniture sales at Marietta have been especially slow, even though we have some good pieces there and our prices are reasonable.

This chest is a good example; with it's fine pulls and finish, and unique sliding top, I thought it would sell quickly; as you see, we still have it.

This dresser, at on;y $195 and 20% off of that price is a steal, but no one is buying furniture in Marietta apparently. I added the silverplate candleholders a few weeks ago.

According to mall employees, old luggage flies out the door so I brought in a few pieces. We'll see how they do.

Kitchenware continues to be a glld seller in this booth, so I am constantly adding more.

Nothing exciting to show you at this location, but I am hopeful that sales will pick up during the prime months of September and October. If not, we'll need to rethink our strategy at Marietta.


Quinn said...

I always embiggen every one of these pictures and peruse every item - and I always, always find something I'd be hard-pressed to resist buying. it's a good thing (for my piggybank) that I don't live closer!

Granny Sue said...

I love that word "embiggen", Quinn! Perfect description.

You know, sometimes it's hard to put things in the booth--like those copper bowls. I love them but don't need them, so off they go. Funny thing is that I had a set of copper scoops too, still in the original box with hanging rack, screws, etc. They were in this booth since I started it but never sold. Finally I hung them up, et voila! Gone in a week, even though the common wisdom is that having the original box is best. But they didn't display well in the box, and no one looked at them.

The dresser with the mirror may come home if it isn't sold by the time we have our log room ready for use, sometime later this fall. The room won't be finished but it will be usable, and will need some furnishings. I'll be raiding my own booths to get it fixed up!

Rowan said...

Hope sales pick up for you soon - bet those copper bowls go quickly, they're really nice.

Amy said...

Hope your sales pick up. I visited a new antique mall on Rt. 21 in the old Fas Chek building near West Washington. They've just opened recently. You'll have to check it out if you are in the area.

Granny Sue said...

Rowan, I'd keep those bowl if there was any empty space in my kitchen :)

I think things might start to move in the fall, Amy. At least the other two places are doing well, and Marietta isn't bad, just sluggish. But I may not put as much furniture in there and focus more on the "smalls," as dealers call the smaller items. Those seem to sell quite well--especially kitchenware and retro items.

I had not heard about the new mall on West Wash Street. Is it nice?

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