Thursday, September 12, 2013

Booth Update: Ravenswood Riverbend Antique Mall

I posted pics of my Athens booth yesterday; today, here's a look at changes at the Ravenswood booth. 

The little red cabinet really grabbed my attention when I saw it at a yard sale. It's really a kitchen base cabinet; someone added a shelf for a hutch and painted the whole thing barn red. How clever is that? I kept its country look by adding crocks and kitchen items.

The small green round table was a ReStore find. It has a cute design painted on top. The finish is a little bumped which is probably why it was at ReStore, but it's still a nice piece.

This piece isn't new--I posted photos of it a few weeks ago, but the sign on it is recent:

Oh yeah! Just what I like to see. We had three furniture items in our booth at the same time with SOLD signs on them. Furniture sales really help make the rent.

I have been finding quite a few blue and white pieces lately, so I pulled them together into a display and added the French-country look table cloth for contrast.

A closer look at the items on the red cabinet.

Don't you love this Empire style buffet? I believe it is part American chestnut--the top has those small wormholes associated with chestnut. This one will be in the store's display window later this week. 

View of the three new pieces.

Larry refinished this little dresser. It was painted with brown enamel; under that was silver, then black. We also had to buy replacement pulls for it. It's a golden oak beauty now. The lamp and pitcher and bowl were thrift store finds.

I found this dresser on the eastern side of West Virginia. It needed no work at all, such a blessing.
I added some vintage jewelry at Ravenswood too; we'll see how it goes.

I found this little dresser (also oak) in eastern West Virginia. It needed no work at all, a blessing!

That's a look at a few of the changes at Ravenswood. Tomorrow: Marietta.
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Rowan said...

I don't know how you find the time for all your booths! I really like the little golden oak dresser and I like the look of that little gate leg table too. Glad that you've had some good sales:)

Lynn said...

wow you've an impressive inventory-sold signs would make me happy too.

Michelle said...

I also like the golden oak dresser. You really have some nice pieces.

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