Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Briar Creek

By the quiet water run young feet, black with dust

and young hands wrapped around bamboo poles, 

towels over thin brown shoulders,

and laughter as thick as the dust raised by passing coal trucks.

Photos taken along  Briar Creek in southern Kanawha County, WV. Words inspired by my husband and his rich store of childhood memories of growing up in the coal camp called Olcott.

Copyright Susanna Holstein. All rights reserved. No Republication or Redistribution Allowed without attribution to Susanna Holstein.


Michelle said...

Beautiful and so much like my own farm.

Nance said...

My Mama spent 8 years of her youth in Wood Co . . . near Kanawha Station and waxed lyrical about the great State.

Rowan said...

What a great place for children to grow up in - sounds like your husband had an idyllic childhood.

Lynn said...

What an enchanting spot, beautiful photos.

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