Friday, January 10, 2014

The Beauty of Olive Oil

Is your skin dry this winter? Do you get shocked every time you touch something? Does your  hair stand out like a freaky halo when you try to brush it? Then read up: this might be a solution to all three.

 Some years ago when we still had TV I heard a guest on Good Morning America recommend using olive oil as a moisturizer and as a makeup remover. According to this lady (whose name I cannot remember) Italian women have been using olive oil as a beauty aid for centuries.

I meant to try it but never got around to it until this year. I'm here to tell you, it's awesome. And I found a few tricks that I want to pass on.

First, it doesn't take much! A tiny squirt will easily moisturize both hands.

Second, I didn't want to go around smelling like olive oil, so I added a tiny bit of lavender oil to my little bottle. I love the scent of lavender and it masks the olive oil beautifully. I have to say though that the olive oil aroma really was very minimal, and not noticeable.

Three: you need only 3 things to make this awesome remedy: olive oil, lavender oil, and a small spray bottle. The oil won't come out of my bottle in a spray; it's more like little drops but that works fine for my needs.

Since using the olive oil, I have had zero problems with static electricity shocking me at every turn. I hate that! A little olive oil rubbed into my hands seems to have cured that little surprise of nature.

I also use it in my hair. Again, it doesn't take much! I squirt out just a wee little bit, usually one squirt, rub it into my hands, then run my hands through my hair. Instant tameness. If my hair still seems too dry, I use a little more. But it takes a miniscule amount. My hair is not greasy and it smells like lavender. Mmmmm.

The olive oil as a makeup remover trick works well too. You might want to use a little more for this purpose. It's a wonderful moisturizer. Rub on the oil, wipe off with cotton balls or tissues, then wash with a gentle facial soap.

Most makeup removers and body lotions are based on some kind of oil anyway; this just goes straight to the source, and no added chemicals. Give it a try--I bet you'll like the results as much as I do.

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Sue said...

Great tip! Thanks, I will try it.


Quinn said...

I can add one that has worked for me, Sue! I keep a small bottle of olive oil the the shower. When I'm ready to get out, and still soaking wet (this is important), I pour a small amount of olive oil into my palm (maybe a dime-sized drop) and then rub my wet hands together quickly (as if to warm cold hands) to emulsify the oil and water. Then I quickly run my hands over my wet skin - especially my arms and legs, which always tend to prickle and burn painfully for hours after a shower.
Then just dab dry with a towel instead of rubbing.
I started doing this a few winters ago, and what a difference! A few drops of inexpensive olive oil works better than any moisturizer I've tried to prevent shower-prickle, and I have tried many.

Jenny said...

I will be trying this. My husband is an insulin dependant diabetic & one of the problems they have is extremely dry skin. Hopefully this will help with all the cracking he has through the cold months.

Celia said...

Great idea, I mixed olive oil with a few drops of vanilla extract, not enough to dry me out though. Love the smell and the feel.


Like this idea and plan to try it. Also I don't have the lavender oil right now so will try the dab of vanilla.
My sister used to use Olive oil for a hair conditioner. She would run some into her wet hair and leave it on for 15 min. Then shampoo off. She said it was great. I've never tried it.

Country Whispers said...

Never thought about using olive oil. I just assumed it would make a greasy mess. Right now I am using almond oil and it too is wonderful. Does great for dry winter skin. I will have to give the olive oil a try though.

storytellermary said...

DHC makes many cosmetic products with olive oil -- your way is simpler and more pure. I have been using an eye dropper to use just a bit of olive oil on kale chips . . . I think I'll do the same with some for cosmetic use. Thanks!

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