Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Few Recent Finds

We've had some fun recently finding wares for our booths. I've got a good supply of glass so I've been looking for things other than glass. Here's a few photos of what we've found:

An old willow child's rocking chair probably started out as simply a chair; some daddy added the rockers later for his little one.

This wood basket could be used for many purposes. We believe it's fairly old for several reasons: first, the wood itself is older wood; the patina and thickness of the boards give that impression, and the bottom is quarter-sawn. The sides are pegged together as well as screwed, and the screws used are not phillips' head screws and they also have a aged patina that matches the wood. The bottom is interesting: it seems to be made from the side of a cabinet drawer. I would think this to be at least early 1900's, perhaps earlier than that.

Old architectural items seem to sell well for outdoor and primitive decor. This little blue shutter might find its new use on someone's wall as part of a "prim" arrangement. We also recently bought an old door made of beadboard with the original hardware and a couple coat hooks on it. I don't have photos of the door yet; we never got it out of the truck, just took it straight to the booth. Larry refinished the Victorian table on the left.

A brass decorated light fixture will need rewiring but I have found these sell well on eBay. I wish it said Porcelier on it--those seem to be in high demand. It may be a Porcelier fixture of course, but there is no label or mark to identify it.

I painted this chair after Larry did a little repair work to it.The finish was terrible and while my usual inclination is to refinish wood, in this case I thought paint was a better option. I left the vintage fabric on the seat, though. It reminded me of the furniture we had in our first home, that rough old 1930's fabric that never seems to wear out.

I am in the process of painting two of these chairs--well, they're not identical but have the same shape and the harp in the back. Don't you love this turquoise paint? The actual color is brighter than this photo I took with my phone. This is not my usual style, but I'm having fun finding fabrics (recycled from a pillowcase here) and picking colors. More chairs to do this week! These chairs will be paired with a small oak pedestal table to make a breakfast set. I will be curious to see if it attracts any attention in my booth; listening to customers is one way I determine what to look for and what to do with the items we find.

Back to painting!

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Amy said...

Nice finds! I like the little rocker.

annie said...

I love seeing what you do with your finds! Your booth photos look great! I hope it all sells well for you! The blue on the chair that is different, let us see the complete breakfast set! Please! Grin! Hope you have a great day!

Michelle said...

LOVE the rocker!

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