Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter's Glory: Ice and Birds

Winter brings many beautiful sights to us, from snowy hills to flocks of feeding birds to breathtaking sunsets.
I try to capture what I can in pictures; here are a few recent ones:

 I was on the phone with an AT&T tech, trying to figure out why my phone suddenly ate so much of my data allowance when I looked out the window and saw the sun shining on the icicles hanging from the roof. "Just a minute," I said, and grabbed my camera for a couple quick shots.

 A tree full of birds!
 The feeders have been super busy too.

 Inside the birds are also pretty colorful.

Smaller birds seem to like this feeder.

Can you name all the different kinds of birds in the photos?

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Nance said...

boy, I can't name them all cardinals, blue jays and a woodpecker or two. Or if not woodpeckers, then . . . oh shoot. can't think of the bird related to woodpeckers. Anyway. We had a FLOCK of robins at our feeders yesterday. I'm hoping that means Spring. Big chested, red robin red breasts : )

Janet, said...

I see a junco! I love junco's.

Mac n' Janet said...

I saw a cardinal, red-headed woodpecker and I think a Jay, didn't recognize anyone else.
I did battle with AT&T last month over my data usage too. They wouldn't admit it was their fault, but they removed the charge because it was very obvious from checking my usage history that I NEVER exceed my allowance of date.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wow - great photos - the tree full of cardinals is amazing.

Michelle said...

Sweet to see those birds getting a winter time snack.

Hidden Trails Stables said...

Lucky you to have so many cardinals!!! I only have 2 that visit--how do you attract so many??

Granny Sue said...

Judy, we feed black sunflower seeds. And we fed them all summer; I think the cardinals nested here and the nestlings came back because each year we have more of them in the winter. They're such a sight against the snow.

Granny Sue said...

Jane, what I learned is that my phone continually "syncs" data, even when I think I'm offline. Every now and then Google Plus does a big backup about once a month or so and that really sucks up the data. I could not figure out why, when my phone was in my coat pocket in a place with poor signal, I suddenly used so much data. but that was why--it was Google+ doing its thing. So we turned off sync data and now I will do that only when I'm somewhere with free wifi. Not really handy but better than those nasty surprises. I also turn off mobile data most of the time at home since it doesn't work well here anyway. That helps too.

Quinn said...

I just replied to this image on twitter :)
I've also been taking icicle and birdfeeder pictures, both from inside the house. Less risk of dropping the camera into the snow when I take a tumble in this deep snow.
Let's see...I see cardinals (lucky you!), a flicker, goldfinches, a chickadee, a nuthatch, and (I think) a downy woodpecker. Wow, I need to put up another feeder!

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