Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Truth Is...

My friends and stellar musicians Doug and Telisha Williams put out a fantastic CD last year called Wild Ponies (that is also the name of their band). One song on it intrigued me with its title and topic. "The Truth Is" is Telisha's list of things people might not suspect about her, a sort of meme in song.

Her song inspired me to start making my own list. So here is my list of little-known truths about this granny:

1. I hate to throw away soap. You know that little bitty piece when a bar is almost used up, or the last dribbles of detergent, dishwashing liquid, or shampoo? I can't toss them. I'll squeeze the little piece onto a new bar; I add water to the bottles of soaps so that every little bit is drained out. Ridiculous, isn't it?

2. Truth is, I have an almost irresistable urge to reach out and stroke that satiny, velvety, nubbly, or otherwise totally tactile fabric you're wearing. Even if you're a perfect stranger.

3. Women are supposed to be nuts about chocolate, but the truth is I can take it or leave. As I've gotten older, fruit and other flavors have more appeal.

4. Someone crying will always have me fighting tears.

5. The truth is, I can be unforgiving. I give a person a lot of chances but once a line has been crossed, that's pretty much it for me. I will be polite and friendly but never a friend again. Once trust is lost, there's no getting it back.

6. I feel guilty most of the time that I am not accomplishing much with my time. Time on the computer--is that really working? Messing around with booths and antiques, is that really working? My inner puritan is always scolding me to do real work, something productive. Be quiet, Puritan!

7. The truth is, at one time I didn't like babies. I know what you're thinking. "What! You, Granny Sue, with so many sons and grandchildren?" But after being big sister to nine younger siblings and spending my teenage years helping to care for them and then becoming a mother myself at 17, I was tired of babies by the time I was 30.

Fortunately that stage wore off before I had my last son at 35 and the grandchildren started arriving when I was 38. Now I adore babies--although I am still not a fan of changing diapers.

8. Aging continues to surprise me. So many things no one ever told me! Who knew that all of a sudden my right thumb would suddenly start sending sharp twinges to my pain center? Who knew that I would become more assertive when I felt something wasn't right or that service was poor? Who knew that it would feel better to get out of bed that to sleep in, because the aches and pains of the night go away with movement? Who knew that I would be speaking to a group and suddenly realize that they were all born in THIS century and things like the great storm of 1993, the crashing of the Berlin Wall, and even Bill Clinton were all before their time?

9. To tell the truth, I never thought I could sing. All my life I thought singing was for other people. Then I discovered the old ballads when I was 50, and found my voice.

10. Although I am telling truths here, the real truth is that there is much that I do not yet know about myself, even at 62 years old. And that is what keeps life challenging and ever surprising.

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Quite interesting - I always like finding out more about people. Hmmmm, wonder what my truths would be.

Michelle said...

This is an interesting list! Like JoAnn, I am thinking what my truths might be!

Nance said...

oh yeah Sister. I am following in your footsteps. I am enjoying this post.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I hate to tell you this but if you dilute the detergent with 50% water before using it (use the old bottle to accomplish this) you'll use a lot less detergent - think of all those bubbles washed down the plughole in such an environmentally unfriendly way.
Yours stingily,
Cousin John.

Granny Sue said...

It is an interesting exercise to actually stop and think about your "truths."

Granny Sue said...

Hey Stingy John! I did know the soap thing and tried it for a while but Larry didn't like the thinness of the soaps so I stopped. But you are correct, most soap and shampoo can be cut by half with water--especially with our soft water--and be just as effective.

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