Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waiting for Spring

It snowed again this morning, one of those early spring wet snowfalls that doesn't stick on the roads or walkways but makes the trees look beautiful. I was glad to see that my daffodils have somehow survived the 15-degree temps of the previous night and this wet snow wasn't deep enough to break them over. The maples with their early bloom got hit of course, but that's nothing new, although I am sure the honeybees are not happy about losing this early source of sweetness.

This is the latest spring I can remember in quite some time. I seem to recall one year (was it 1977 or 78?) when March remained mostly snow-covered for much of the month, but when I look back through the photos I've taken since starting this blog...well, it's interesting. Here is 2008 at this time of year (no 2007 photos since I had just begun blogging and hadn't learned to post photos yet):

And in 2009:

Then there was 2010:

but in 2011, on March 28th, guess what happened?

Yes that would be snow, and my post for that day indicates the temperatures dipped low enough to freeze the poor daffodils.

But in 2012:

and 2013 looks good in this photo, but guess what? When I read my blog I find that it was cold and more snow expected on the day I picked these flowers (March 20th).

So while this year seems delayed perhaps it's just as well. There's nothing sadder than daffodils that freeze and fall to the ground--and I like the fact that the fruit trees have not yet bloomed because the later that happens the more likely we'll have fruit.

I guess I'll keep my boots and winter coat out for a little longer but that's okay. I can wait. Spring will be here in its own good time.

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A Primitive Homestead said...

The flowers are beautiful. One of my favorite. Mine are peeking threw the soil but not yet blooming.

Celia said...

Loved your photographic timeline of your end of winter. Hope the blossoms hold out until the snow is gone.

Michelle said...

Here in Ky, a few years ago, we had a hard freeze in April. Killed all of the pear, peach, and apple blossoms. I hope that doesn't happen again this year.


Our weather is keeping us guessing this year. I find now that I had a reprieve in FL I don't seem to mind the cold days. Yesterday we have a bit of snow but it's gone now. I'd stopped feeding the birds but may start again. A lonely bird was on the feeder yesterday looking for dinner and I felt bad. I quit when I went to FL.
Here's to a great spring for both of us. We'll just enjoy it more when it gets here. Just hope August doesn't arrive first!!!

Granny Sue said...

Barb, we fed the birds all summer, and I think it was money well spent. They stayed around, ate bugs and this winter we've had droves to watch. I'm like you too, hoping that summer doesn't get here before spring.

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