Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Booth Updates

We've been busy restocking booths over the weekend. Here's a quick look at what we've done:

At Ravenswood, we added a little wood desk and that cute white chair I showed in an earlier post after I'd painted it white.

 We also put the "new" dinette set here, joining a table with the newly refurbished chairs. I think they make a great set. The canisters were a recent find; I love the red bakelite knobs on the hinged lids.
Here's another look at the cedar chest Larry refinished. Isn't it a beauty?
 And another view of the desk. The teapot lamp was a find from a Facebook seller who has become a friend. Seems like it usually works that way!

At Marietta, we had to do some rearranging as the old doors we took in last week were all sold already! That made us happy--and made for some work too. So we moved the Sellers "chimney cupboard" to the empty space, along with that sweet little green metal shelf. That left space in another area for another addition to this booth. More on that in a minute.

 We also added the wicker planter, below. Wicker seems to sell well at this location. It could be because of all the large Victorian homes in the area; those porches just cry out for wicker. We've had the retro wicker hamper a while. It might sell better if it was white, but who could paint over that neat art deco design?

 And here's what we added to the space left empty when we moved the Sellers cabinet: that blue dinette set that we had at Ravenswood. We had planned to put the red set here at Marietta and then remembered there is a law in Ohio that upholstered items newer than 50 years have to be specially treated because of bedbugs. I don't think there is a problem with bedbugs in Marietta, but still, we can't have upholstered pieces here. So we moved this piece from Ravenswood to this booth, and I think in the end both places benefited.

I found a lot of blue items in the booth to add to the table, just for fun.

 Another thing I changed was that I finally realized that the Tom's snack rack I'd had for sale would make a dandy cup rack! So now it's in service and I can display quite a few mugs in a relatively small space. How did I not think of that before?

At Spencer, we brought in another shelf and a few more totes, but the booth is a long way from being full.

I think I can probably bring about 5-6 more totes in before it will be completely full. A small booth like this one (it's about 9x12) can hold  lot more than you might think.

That's a quick tour. This weekend I will be having a blast with Tipper and gang down in North Carolina. If you follow me on Facebook, I might be posting photos there. I will have lots to report when I get back!

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Celia said...

Beautiful! Sure wish I wasn't clear across the country your booth would be a favorite. Love the little blue and white dinette set. Great job Granny Sue!

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