Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paper, Paper, Everywhere

I am on a mission today: get my paper files organized. I bought a file cabinet last week, and it was sorely needed because I had my tax files in boxes, in suitcases, in drawers...It was time to get them in better order and in the process get rid of what I no longer need to keep.

It's amazing what I found: grocery receipts from 2007, repair receipts for vehicles we haven't owned in 5 years and so on. Without a system to keep it all in date order, it was hopeless. So, today I have gone through literally reams of paper and it feels mighty good to see clean, empty drawer space, and to know exactly where the records are if I need them.

Such a task takes a lot of time. I remember doing this in my office at work; when I got started it was like I couldn't quit and I'd stay hours after quitting time just to see the job done. I like an organized office but with my small, cramped space at home that must serve as my storytelling office, ebay stock room and reselling records room, it's a nightmare to try to keep it all together. I wish one of those TV shows would come in here and show me how to make it all fit! Since that's not likely to happen, I'm on my own. And it is coming together once again, slowly and surely.

Yes, I'm whining! Those of us who operate mainly in our right brain detest this kind of methodical work; oh for a secretary. But I'm pulling up my big girl panties and gettin' it done. And this rainy, stormy day is as good as any for such inside work.

Once it's done, I have to wonder how long I can maintain it. When the rush of summer hits with lots of storytelling road trips, gardens coming in, and all the rest of summer's busyness, things usually get pretty rough in my workroom. I am hoping I've found a way to at least keep the paper mess under control. We'll see.

Now, it's back to the fray. I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I want to get finished--just like I used to do in my working days! Wish me luck. I know I'll need it.

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momalizzie said...

Good luck! If anyone can conquer the "paper monsters", I know it's you!


Love to get organized especially all the paperwork in my office. I'm trying to rearrange one room at a time and when I get to the files I hope to do what you are doing. Get them cleaned out and keep only what is necessary. BUT like you when I do get organized, I tend to backslide as other things take front seat in my life. It's time for me to get busy before the heat of summer takes over. Have a great evening. Hugs.

A Primitive Homestead said...

The biggest step is getting started and you have already done that. Good for you.

Celia said...

Very brave of you to tackle your paper. It'll be great when it's all done.

Susie Swanson said...

Wishin you the best of luck. I hear you're gonna be in my neck of the woods come Saturday. I live within a stone's throw of Tipper. I know it'll be a great show. I'd love to meet you if I'm able to be there.

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