Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Time in the Gardens

I am slowly catching up on my flowerbeds, but there is so much more work to be done. I keep find more casualties of the winter's cold: my winter savory, most of the thyme, and the lilac are now added to the rosemary, Peace rose and other plants that did not survive. More replanting to be done.

Speaking of planting, I am finding it so difficult to be comfortable with late planting of our summer vegetables. My reason for deciding to plant later this year is because I will be away for two full weeks in mid July and beginning of August, teaching creative writing and Appalachian storytelling for the Augusta Heritage series. I know I will not be able to put up food during that time so I am trying to delay the veggies to come in later in August. But it sure goes against my grain! We have the spring gardens planted and I believe Larry put out some squash and cucumbers and we have a couple "cheater" tomatoes out (cheaters because they already had blooms when I bought them!). But beans, corn, and the main tomato crop have to wait.

This morning I worked on reclaiming the herb garden. What a mess. Last year I left a goldenrod plant right in the middle because I thought it would be pretty in the fall. Big mistake. That plant came back a hundredfold and this morning I wrestled with getting them all pulled up. I will have to go back and dig out the roots. That little green sedum groundcover took over that garden too, so all of it had to be pulled--and the garlic is going totally wild all over the place. I've got all the weeds pulled and now when the ground dries--we had torrential rain last night which made for easy weeding--I will hoe it, turn the soil, and replant. I think, though, that I am going to continue to have major weed problems in this plot and might have to relocate it next year.

Here are a few more garden photos from yesterday.

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annie said...

pretty photos!

Rowan said...

What a shame that you lost so many of your herbs.The mild extremely wet winter here seems to have suited a lot of plants both in the Garden and in the wild, everywhere is bursting with life and colour.

Mac n' Janet said...

Most of my herbs came through except for my sage and had a time tracking down some new ones.
The winter almost killed my gardenias and though they survived I doubt they'll flower this year.

Quinn said...

Oh, your iris pictures do my heart good! :)

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