Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some Recent Finds

The last three weeks have been a blur of work and play--working like crazy for a few days, then off to play for a few. Even so it seems like I will never catch up on everything that needs to be done, but I do see progress. I am caught up, for this moment, on paperwork. I've sorted some files and continue to fill trash cans with paper, to Larry's dismay. My summer reading program for libraries is ready. The flower beds are half-weeded and the vegetable garden is half planted. My craft supplies have been sorted from 5 totes down to 3 and the extras will be taken to a small but active library while I'm on the way to my family reunion this weekend. Progress--sometimes we have to stop and look back to feel that sense of accomplishment that makes it all worthwhile, don't we? There is still much to do, but I can take some satisfaction in what has been done so far.

One of the things I try to do when I'm traveling is to buy stock for the booths (along with a few things for myself, of course!). My goal is to buy enough that my profits on the items will cover the cost of the trip. I usually manage to make this goal, but not always. Larry isn't as willing as I am to stop and browse, and sometimes the pickings are just lean. I have found some good stuff recently, though. Here's a few of them:

 I found these jadeite bowls in a local shop. If I find jadeite under $10, I buy.

This one is in the yellow "custard" color, which I like as well or better than the green. Yellow is my favorite color, actually.

I found two of these multicolor crackled glass vases or candle holders. I know they're new but the colors just glow in the light. These will be on my table this fall for sure.

We found two old, solid coat trees at ReStore. Larry stripped and restained them because they were water-stained. I think they're really nice.
This cabinet was probably the best find of the past 2 weeks--or two months. A great primitive cabinet that needed a leg repaired and the shelves replaced (someone put in plywood ones) but the price was unbelievably low. It's headed to a booth as soon as we finish with it.

Don't you love this handle? Someone was upcycling a long time ago!

Larry's "willbarr," as he calls it, is now at our Marietta booth. He made a few repairs, and added the iron wheel. I love it, but don't need anything else to plant flowers in so off it goes.

The little folding rocker is mine to keep, I think. I'd like to take it storytelling with me.

There are two of these beautiful lamps--I took one to Spencer and forgot the other, so it will be packed up soon and rejoined with its mate. they have such a classic look. I have managed somehow to end up with 4 of those "hand" vases you can see in this photo. I see another collection coming on. Is there an antidote I can take?

A friend who does some buying and selling on Facebook rescued this metal, porcelain-topped cabinet from a house that was being torn down. She told me there were porcelain countertop/sinks and steel kitchen cabinets, mantels and all sorts of old woodwork in two houses that were about to be bulldozed. Doesn't that just make you sad? Some people have no idea of the beauty and value of old things.

I never can resist a crystal decanter. I know crystal is out of fashion now, but it is so beautiful and I don't understand why it's low on the decorating radar these days, especially with he popularity of Downton Abbey.

This West Bend bean pot is mine to keep! I had one without the heater base and had been looking for the base. I'll sell my other pot.

Gorgeous pale aqua centerpiece bowl was a flea market find in western North Carolina. 

Cookie jars--who can resist them?

Mugs and more mugs, and

nifty navy and white polka dot salad plates, another flea market find in North Carolina.

And last but not least, a sweet Springtime angel with a bird on her shoulder, so she just had to go in the center of my plateful of glass birds.
That's a little of what we found. I'll be on the road again soon, and coming home, no doubt with more to show you.

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annie said...

great goods!
enjoy the journeys!

Nance said...

I'd sure like to going junking with you! Have fun : )

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