Thursday, September 18, 2014

Painting Projects: The Gossip Bench, Sideboard and a Frustrating Little Table

I still don't have the steel kitchen cabinet ready to show you--tomorrow, perhaps, we will get the hardware back on it and it will be ready for your viewing pleasure. Today, besides writing ghost stories and canning applesauce, I put most of the finishing touches to two pieces I started on the weekend, and pulled my hair out over the third.

First, here's the one I like best:

This is the gossip bench or telephone table I posted some months back. It needed repair, if you remember, and it has been waiting patiently for me to get around to it.
This is where Larry repaired a hole punched into the wood.

Now it's ready for one of the booths, and I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

I debated covering the original vinyl seat with a checked fabric or even a plain ivory piece, but in the end left it as it was. It does have a tiny tear in the vinyl which is why I considered covering it, but perhaps the new owner will want it as is, or will want to choose their own covering.

When I went to buy paint, there was a very limited selection of reds. I chose this one, a cranberry shade and I absolutely love it.

Second is this small sideboard. It's not a great piece, but I picked it up fairly cheaply and thought it was a good candidate for updating with some paint. It was a dull maple finish with those copper hinges and pulls, so I chose a sage-y green (called Olive something, go figure!) that I thought would show off the copper. Here again, we discussed replacing the hardware but it was so pretty we left it in place. The only thing I have left to do to this piece is wax it. It will have a modest price as it is not all wood; there is some pressed wood in it.

Last of these three is this aggravating little table.

We picked it up for a couple dollars in Pennsylvania and again I thought a bit of paint would really bring it alive. I went with the green again since the table is destined for a different booth, and I thought it would be a good display piece for someone's Christmas tree. The base painted beautifully, and so did the top--except for one weird spot that came right through my three coats of paint. Ugh. This evening I coated it again with a base paint, and you guessed it--the spot is right back. So I'm thinking about what to do next.

I still like it, even if it has made me crazy!

That's what I've worked on this week. Next week, I hope to get to work on two bigger projects: a chest of drawers and a small drop-front desk. We shall see how the stars align for that plan.

How about you? Any painting projects got you busy?

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Quinn said...

Have you ever tried Kilz? I used it years ago and it was the only thing that worked to "kill" a spot that kept showing through paint. And funny thing, I just bought a quart of Kilz at a tag sale for 50 cents, because I think it will likely come in handy one day.
AT that sale I also bought an old bench grinder, made in the US...I'm always on the lookout for American-made tools, which are sadly hard to find these days. It's one reason I don't have a circular saw or a table saw anymore. Which makes it harder to do some of my little building projects, but I just muddle through a handsaw until a tag sale turns up the right old tool I'm looking for.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Lovley pieces - I hate it when a spot comes through. I've even been known to spray paint that spot with a clear gloss spray and then sand lightly and paint over it - so far it has worked to stop the leak.

I've been painting my kitchen cupboards this summer. I took the doors off and painted them outdoors - with our sometimes cloudy and rainy summers I was lucky to get three weeks of great sunshine for the door painting (21 of them) - but two of those weeks I was ferrying our grandson to daily Adventure Camp - so it cut into my painting, but I finished just before cooler weather came in.

Now I have to paint the box part of the cupboards - but I can do that at my leisure, and indoors of course -and the weather won't matter. I hope to have them all done before the holidays. A nice new kitchen - with pale mint cupboards.

Granny Sue said...

Quinn, I have used Kilz but right now none on hand :/
You should come down here--lots of the older tools at auctions and they sell for 2 or 3 dollars pretty often.

I do have some clear spray, JoAnn, so that is a great suggestion! I'll try that today.

I am going to paint my cabinets with this green--I just really love the color, and my kitchen could use some spicing up. Great idea to wait til winter to do the inside. I will follow your lead there as well.

Susan Anderson said...

Loving the sideboard….and I'd also love to read your ghost stories!


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