Friday, September 19, 2014

The Steel Kitchen Cabinet: Finished

And done! This cabinet is now ready to take to our Ravenswood booth as soon as one of our furniture pieces is off layaway and out of the booth so we have space.

 I love its clean lines. The top is Formica, the kind with those little gold speckles in it, and it's in very good condition with just a few knife marks in it.

Oops! Sorry about the shadow! That's my camera, if you haven't guessed. It was a lovely morning! Don't you just love those retro chrome handles?

The insides of the drawers are in really good shape, very clean with just a few rust spots here and there.

And the bottom is the same way. Someone had put contact paper in the top shelf so that really helped protect it from scratches and damage. Even the very bottom is looks pretty good.

There is just so much storage in this thing! I think the big middle drawer above would be perfect for dishtowels and hot pads...or no, maybe for lids...or for cooking supplies we always need right at hand, or...the possibilities are endless. And just think how many pots and pan would fit in that cavernous bottom.

Ah me. Can't keep it so off it will go soon. In the meantime, it will be gracing my living room because there is nowhere else to store it! The life of a junker. But I am glad we got this cabinet all cleaned up and ready for its next home. Now it's on to that chest of drawers (or Chester Drawers, as someone called it on one of those buy-sell-trade sites).

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Michelle said...

This is like the cabinet my Mama Bird had in her kitchen.

Jenny said...

It's beautiful!

Both of my parents said Chester drawers - I think I was in high school at least or older before I realised there was anything else to call them. :o)

Susan Anderson said...

I would buy that in a minute.


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