Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quiet Eve

Usually at this time on New Year's Eve we are lighting up the bonfire in preparation for greeting the new year. It would be cold, maybe muddy or snowy; there would be much noise, lots of food, and laughter.

This year is a change of pace. Our son who usually has the fire at his house is working midnight shift tonight (that's 11pm-7am) and we decided to have a quiet New Year's Eve for a change. Just the two of us, a fire in the fireplace, a movie, some wine. It's been long years since we saw the year in like this, but it feels fine. I just hope I can stay awake!

We've had visitors this week: our son Aaron and his two children came and took our old dining table and chairs to his house. I am happy to see them go; the kitchen feels huge! And I know that Aaron and his family will enjoy and use this furniture that stood us in good stead for the past 15 years or so. I cooked dinner while they were here--turkey pot pie, salad, rolls. Simple food, simply satisfying.

Cadyn can carry her little brother pretty well! I didn't manage
to get a photo of Jace, who was on the move!
Tonight our granddaughter Jordan and her husband and children came over for dinner. Again it was simple, homey food--homemade macaroni and cheese since I knew her two 5 year-olds would probably eat that, ham, broccoli, applesauce and warm bread. We ate and talked, they opened their Christmas gifts, then we all took a big cabinet we recently renovated and that she bought over to her new house. It was so nice to see her and have time to talk! Her new house is perfect for their growing family, with plenty of space and a floor plan that invites entertaining and casual living.

Little Jaxon, now almost 10 months old.
My house feels much emptier without those big furniture pieces and that's okay--it was getting pretty cramped in here with so much furniture in one stage or another or re-do. And after those happy little children voices, it's a lot quieter too.

I've prepared for the new year by getting all my laundry done, all the dishes washed and floors swept. The bills are all paid. Cabbage is in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner, and champagne is chilling for the midnight hour. I'm ready.

Tomorrow will bring more visitors, I think, and cooking. For now, I am going to put on my slippers and go in by the fire. Happy New Year to everyone, and may your year be as peaceful and prosperous as you wish it to be.

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Debbie Couture said...

We spent the early evening with our family and now Richard and I are having a quiet evening celebrating too. Our champagne is in the freezer for now as we forgot to put it in the frig. Happy New Year Sue and Larry!

momalizzie said...

Happy New Year to you, sis. Enjoy your "down" time ,

annie said...

Happy New Year!
It all sounds wonderful!
The children are precious!
How great they took the things,
You will still get to enjoy them at their homes, more stories to tell in the kitchen! Blessings!

Grandma Susan said...

How lovely, Susanna! Happy New Year. I always enjoy your posts!

Quinn said...

Sounds like you've been having a lovely holiday time, with loved visitors, the best kind of food, and the sudden magical creation of Space!
What a great way to start the New Year :)

Susan Anderson said...

It all sounds cozy and wonderful. Happy New Year!


Nance said...

oh I bet you and Larry enjoyed the quiet New Years Eve. Lanny and I do, when we get the chance. This year, we had two granddaughters age 5 and 7. We watched the ball drop in Time Square (at 11pm EST but we are in Central!) Our girlies were satisfied that they stayed up 'all night' and Lanny and I were satisfied to be home with two little girls.

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