Monday, January 5, 2015

Breaking Up Christmas, and the New Sideboard

Well, it's officially over, at least at my house. I took down the tree today along with all the inside decorations and some of the ones on the porch. I hate to see it go, but it's time. I took some last photos last night and this morning, just so I could look back and remember how it was.

This last photo shows my new joy: a big ol' sideboard--or buffet, if you prefer to call it that. I am so in love with this thing! I have space for linens and silver, serving dishes and wineglasses, and a lovely big top for display. When our former oak table and chairs went home with one of our sons, the kitchen opened up and I have so much space now--enough space to add this piece.

After taking down the tree I started rearranging in the kitchen, and I am almost done, at least with this part.

And inside the drawers, look at all this space! I guess most people already have space for these kinds of things but in our small house with few closets, space for non-essentials is a luxury (although to me, pretty things are a necessity!).  I'd like to get some kind or organizers for the side cupboards so the glass isn't so piled up, but it's still better than the way I had it stored before.

Still more to do but it's been fun getting this piece integrated into my kitchen!

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Michelle said...

Love your sideboard. You have a great collection of glassware there too.

Nance said...

I do like your buffet! I would like to get in the habit of calling a piece like this 'the sideboard' but darn . . . I call it the buffet. I have a mid-century sideboard. I like it too but love the era of yours. Happy New Year, Sue, to you and yours.

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