Saturday, February 28, 2015

...And Tables and Dressers and Such Too: The Spencer Booth

More booth updates! We sold a few pieces of furniture this week at our Spencer booth, so yesterday we loaded up and headed over there to restock. Given how slow February was for sales until the past few days, we were right happy to hear things were moving again.

We sold that sweet little red wood kitchen table with 2 chairs; I almost hated to see it go. So we brought in this red-trimmed kitchen utility table and two primitive chairs that we'd actually been using in our kitchen. We seem to be playing musical chairs--we keep selling the ones we're using and digging a couple more out of the storage building. Yeah, we have a lot of chairs around here.

We brought in the Hoosier-style cabinet a few weeks ago. I still have not found he name of the maker of this unique cabinet with its central mirror.

And this is the dresser I've been working on for the past few weeks. I love the way it turned out. We also brought in the two mirrors above it, and the little marble-topped table beside it on the right.

The milk glass display continues. I know it's not a popular glass right now, but I think it's gorgeous when it's grouped, and has such a serene look to it. A few pieces have sold from this display, 2 to members of a Facebook group of milk glass lovers. I have found that listing photos in online groups has resulted in sales that could not have happened otherwise.

In the pink! There's a nice sized set of this pink china in my booth, and reasonably priced too. Maybe someone will love it for their spring table. The pink depression glass is

A mixture of all kinds of cool things on this shelf! Some Pyrex, Smiley Pig pitcher, watering can, Poppies teapot, soup tureen, herb name it, it's probably here.

I need to do something different here, just ran out of time last night. Next trip!

I've been considering bringing this china cabinet home for my own china. I have mine in an old flatwall cabinet right now that doesn't really showcase it very well. So maybe I'll swap them out if this one doesn't sell soon. Notice a different use for the magazine table--storage for pretty plates.

Tabletop display. I sell my County Living magazines when I'm finished with them.

I painted this little teacup shelf, and decoupaged the back of it with rose and teacup prints. And can you even see all that work? Nope. But that's okay, I know it's there,

Notice the rake head with the pink wineglasses--I wish I had room somewhere in my own kitchen to do this! So many cool ideas, so little space. It's a problem all of us lovers of old things deal with.

That's a quick tour of this small booth. It's been a good place for us, and we really enjoy being in this mall, as we do in all our other places. Good stock and helpful staff really make a store successful and the people who run these places are among the very best.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I enjoy seeing how you set up / display in your booths. Love that rake holding pink wine glasses. The green/yellow/white dresser looks great- vintage colours. Sweet c/s display with little peeks of the decorative backing. Love the kitchen table and chairs you added.

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Joy! That dresser is an interesting mix--it's actually General Finishes Antique White with Persian Blue,glazed with a medium glaze I mixed myself and gold metallic glaze along the trim. The Persian Blue looks gray, green or blue depending on the light; the photos make the gold glaze look yellow. I LOVED painting this one; it called out for an elegant look, what the mall manager described as "mature" when she saw it. A male customer said it was perfect for a man, which made me happy because I was worried about it looking too feminine.

And as far as setting it up--I learned from a master :). I am still following your good advice of 3 years ago and it's stood m in good stead.

Granny Sue said...

I'd like to mount the rake head on a rough board so that the glasses show better, or put something darker behind it. Maybe next trip I'll come up with something.

Michelle said...

I see MANY things that I like in your booth! I especially love the table with the red trim.

Quinn said...

I'm so clumsy, I think a rakehead wineglass rack would just give me one more way to chip my glasses! But if I had room for a Hoosier cabinet I'd love to have one again.
Always fun to see these posts :)

Brighid said...

I use rake heads to hang my necklaces from and my collection of old flapjack turners. Hadn't thought about wine glasses, great idea, thanks.

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