Friday, February 27, 2015

Trunks and Quilts and Door Knobs: The Ravenswood Booth

We took a load of new items to our booth at the Riverbend Antique Mall in Ravenswood, WV this week. Here's a peak at some of it:

Vintage suitcases and old trunks are in demand these days so I did some scouting to find a few for our booth. The blue one is called "Amelia Earhart" and has a colorful red and yellow stripe around one end. The brown one was probably hugely inventive for its time: It has wheels and a pull-up handle! Both are very clean inside and out. 

The trunk was repainted before we got it, and a nice job too. The inside is also redone and looks awesome. I'll have to take photos of that next time.

I painted the little blue teacup shelf, and just love its vintage look. In front is treadle sewing machine cast iron base with a marble top. Marble tops are the very best for rolling out dough. This one is not attached so it could easily be removed and a wood top put on the table.

Looking inside this area of the booth, it strikes me how light and bright it is. Perfect for spring.

 Here is the big airing cabinet we bought last week. Look how much it holds! I filled it with quilts and linens. A lot of cutter quilts in there, and some old quilt tops too.

This basket is full of hardware--doorknobs and valve handles for the crafters.

We plan some changes to this ares in the next few weeks; it's time to change it up and give it a new look. A lot of the glass will be packed up and stored or taken to a different location. Glass, much as I love it, is a slow seller so I need to downsize how much I have for sale, and what kind. Art glass is the slowest, kitchenware moves more quickly. It's all part of the learning curve in this business.

The fun of doing this is arranging it all--well, the most fun is finding it in the first place, but arranging it to be eye-catching is certainly a close second!

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annie said...

great photos!
love the little chair down in the floor, it looks like bent willow, can't tell for sure. I think little kid anf toy chairs are very appealing!

Brighid said...

When I worked at the feedstore they gave me free rein to do all the displays. It was interesting to see what drew the most attention and sold well.

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