Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kitchen Work

 The snowy weather got me started on a long-overdue project--redoing some things in the kitchen. I talked about it a while back, but the work has been creeping forward in between working on my taxes, painting furniture, pricing things for the booths and dealing with keeping things going in general in this cold, snowy weather.

Sunlight makes some interesting patterns!

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But it is coming along. The base cabinets are painted, the doors are refinished and the insides are painted and reorganized. We will start on the countertops next week. All the tile will come off and be replaced. We bought the new tile last week and I'm excited about how it will look.

I took everything down and dusted! Yay me!
But before we get into that, we have to finish the big pantry cupboard. It was an old white when I got it about 5 years ago, and much abused. I put it straight into use because we just needed it that badly. I've wanted to paint it but never got around to it. You know how that goes. But the other day I noticed that under the old white paint was some pretty wood, the doors are off and Larry is stripping them, and I will be painting the outside of the big cabinet the same red as the base cabinets. I organized the inside a few weeks back, and amazingly it's still like that. Just wait til summer though...all that will change, I'm sure.

And when that's done, and the countertop is done, we'll move on to the new pantry cabinet. Right now it's an odd green color which I actually like okay, but I think we're going to make it the same as the others and refinish the door to its original oak color and paint the outside Tuscan Red. The funny thing about this cabinet is that someone put the door on backwards! The inside of it is lovely wood, beveled. I think they were trying to make it look more modern.

I am really enjoying the changes in the kitchen. It might not look like much is different to anyone else but I am just loving being able to find things, and have been cooking and baking more just because it's more fun.

Can't wait to get it all finished--then it's on to the bathroom!

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Celia said...

Wow! Impressive, it will look great when you're finished and it looks interesting now. Love that range.

Jenny said...

I've been doing some of the same things while I'm snowed in. I finally had new floors & trim installed last week - something I've waited for over 25 yrs to get. I painted my cabinets last summer so now I'll be painting ceilings & walls. I got the kitchen ceiling painted before the new floors but ran out of time & didn't get the bathroom done.

All I want to do is live in my kitchen now. I love how clean & fresh everything looks.

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