Monday, February 16, 2015

Looking Back at This Date, This Blog

The snow is coming down steadily today, the beginnings of a storm that is supposed to last into the night. It's not really much of a storm--a snow drizzle, or snuzzle as I call it. It's very pretty and gentle.

I wondered what the weather was like on this date in past years, so I dug back through my blog to see.

Last year:


2013: Apparently weather wasn't an issue as there were no references to it in the whole week of February 16th! But we seem to have been very busy with our booths then.

2012: We were busy setting our very first booth, but there was snow on the ground.

And it looks like it was a little chilly, but warming up, in 2011, since I was able to hang out the laundry:

We'll skip 2010. That was a terrible time for us.

In 2009, it was cold and icy, but what sparkle in the air!

What happened in 2008 at this time in February? Ah, that was the year we got our new address! And it was a snowy one from the look of the photos.

And finally, 2007, the year I began blogging. I didn't know how to post photos yet, so there are no pictures, only words.

But it does seem that most years, February lived up to its mid-winter position. It's interesting to look back through the posts, like flipping pages in an album, remembering when. Today I might just do a little more reading on my own blog, and let the snow fly where it will.

Unless of course the power goes off!

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