Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sunshine on Snow

(I started to call this post 10 Inches, and then thought better of it--I think I might get some odd visitors with a title like that!)

Anyway, ten inches is the amount of snow we ended up with after a full day of snow and night and early morning flurries. And it is still so cold--we might get up to 20 today, but it will be back down to single digits tonight.

This morning it was zero on the porch, and inside we've been able to maintain 70 degrees only by keeping all heat on full blast. Thanking the powers that be for our free gas right now.

Larry's been outside most of the morning (men are such treasures!) clearing the walks, taking care of the birds, chickens, dogs and cats.

I asked Larry to leave the snow on the deck though because I want to make some snow ice cream later today.

The dogs and cats spent yesterday and all night inside but today they seem happy to be out again. I don't think Buddy remembers deep snow. He was just a baby last winter, too young to remember the frequent snows of that season.

Daisy Mae isn't crazy about it, but she's out for a little while anyway. That girl likes to be as close to the fire as she can get!

Life goes on despite the snow, however. An eBay package had to go up to the mailbox--I wonder if the mail carrier will even run today?--so Larry took it up for me,

plowing the rest of our road on the way up. I am thinking the van might just sit still for a day or two, and I'm fine with that.

 I've got plenty to do, about 5 or 6 painting projects underway. I have found though that it's best to put my coffee somewhere where the paintbrush isn't.

Well, enough of this lollygagging around (another of those words whose etymology I'd like to know). Back to work!

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Susan Anderson said...

Boy, winter has really hit you there. Ours is kind of a weak one this year. Yesterday it was in the 70s. Kinda strange.


Michelle said...

Your weather is much like ours! Beautiful, but not convenient!

annie said...

We;re about on par with that snow, another round of bitter cold, and snow headed this way tomorrow with a high of possibly 10. I wish all the cold from Chicago and up north would go the other way. The weather maps are all pointing down here though. I was reminded today the time will change in the next few weeks. Still holdin' on for better to come. I like all your blue bottles, we need to do something with the ones we have scavenged. My husband has a couple of cases of them here.

Nance said...

I love that blue bottle tree! Lolly gag, to me, means to fiddle faddle : ) aimlessly.

whirldworksfarm.com said...

Cobalt blue glass has always been a favorite of mine, but seeing it contrasted against the white snow is beautiful!

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