Friday, February 20, 2015

Yes, It's Cold

I thought it was only a few degree below zero when I looked at the thermometer without my glasses. I snapped a photo for my son in Florida, and was surprised to see this:

You can bet I nipped right back inside. This is on the porch, just outside the sliding glass door so I would bet it's getting a little heat from the house too. We'll be working inside this morning, but in the afternoon might head into town to pick up milk and hot chocolate and such essentials.

Yall stay warm now!

Update: 9:30 am the water stopped. Frozen? No, for some reason the pump reset kicked. Larry got under the house and reset it. Water ran! Fixed my man a good breakfast of eggs, grits, toast, coffee and jam.

Update 11:00 am I decided to make cookies since the oven was already on for heat. When I went to wash up the mixing bowl---no water. Larry went back under and set it again. All is well again, but my fingers are crossed. What's causing the pump to kick? No idea. But Larry was rewarded with warm chocolate chunk cookies and more coffee.

It's now 1:30 pm and all is still well...I hope...

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Celia said...

Yowser! Hope you have your long johns and wooley socks in abundance.

annie said...

He sure did earn those treats!

Granny Sue said...

He did, Annie! He's out again this morning, clearing the newest snowfall. The water problem seems to be resolved, although we're still mystified as the what caused it. Maybe the cold made the air pressure in the pressure tank change enough to kick the pump off? I don't know.

Granny Sue said...

Celia, I was wearing wool socks and a sweatshirt inside. all the heat was going full tilt and just maintaining 70 degrees.

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