Friday, May 29, 2015

A Few Furniture Finds, and Some Odds and Ends

Here's a funny story. We were at a local flea market over the holiday weekend, and this old Hoosier cabinet base was sitting outside. I asked about it, and finally found a man who said the woman who brought it in left it there and said he could have it if he wanted it. He didn't...but he told me I could have it.

As you can see, it's pretty rough. The back and bottom are gone, the paint is disgusting. We may try to fix it up, or we may use it just for parts. It does have the metal bread drawer and the metal racks which are usually missing in these things, and it has the original Bakelite handles and a porcelain top. All good things to have an hand if we decide this is too gar gone to repair.

This load we got from a local picker: two rolling kitchen carts, a very old drop leaf table that needs a little repair, a vanity bench,weird metal stool or table that Larry will use for a garden bench (handy with that handle on top), and a nice old brass pole lamp.

This stool also came from the picker, and is already at its new home, a neighbor's house. Her house burned and her new house has cabinets up so high she can't reach them, so this Cosco stool was perfect for her. The red and white cast iron chairs came from another picker, and so far they're living on my porch.

I have never seen a tall old metal kitchen cabinet like this one. Lots of rust inside! I started sanding it after the photo in preparation for painting.

Not all of our finds were furniture. The top lamp shade was given to me free at a flea market. It's lovely crewel embroidery work. The suitcase is actually a set of two in pristine condition--the smaller one is inside the one in the photo.

 It works! Dorrmeyer stand mixer with about 10 speeds, I think.

Here's a unique feature on this mixer: it tilts to one side. How cool is that. Easy to add ingredients or scrape down your bowl.

We stopped at a yard sale and found these neat little end tables with drop leaves. There was a matching coffee table but it was so low that I did not think we could sell it. Apparently new couches are higher, more overstuffed, etc and the older end tables are too short. So I am steering away from them, since the one I do have in my booth has been sitting for months with no interest.

And is this yet another Hoosier? Why yes it is! So we now have the one we found in the trash, the base I showed about, another base we've had a while, a Hoosier in rough condition we bought last month, and now this one. It's raining Hoosiers, I swear. This one has no sifter, but look at those glass doors!

It also is missing a drawer--it had the drawer face, thank goodness, but the rest was gone. So that's a Larry project. Other than that it only needs a good cleaning. The price was too good to pass it up.

Chairs, chairs, and chairs. Four oak chairs will go with a round oak table I've had for a while, waiting to find the right chairs.These are in excellent condition, just need the seats re-covered.

This little chair was only 50 cents! And it already has a new home and a new look at one of my neighbors' homes. She painted it teal and put a light patterned cover on the seat, and it is with the set she put together of mis-matched chairs and a small round table. It looks awesome. The old grinder in the photo was a yard sale find, and the yellow and chrome diner chairs were from a local flea market.They will go with a yellow cracked-ice formica and chrome table we currently have in our Marietta booth.

And loaded up and ready to be put in the storage building. I think we made out pretty well over the weekend, and have enough stock to last us for a long, long time when we add this lot to what we already have. So now I'm trying not to look at ads for yard sales. Wish me luck with that!

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Nance said...

OMgosh. wish I was closer to help you clean, sort, sand etc. It all looks like great fun to me : )

Nance said...

I saw a Cosco stool just like that sell for $4.00 this weekend at a community garage sale. So sad . . .

UdyRegan said...

I believe that some of these old storage cupboards and cabinets could really be pretty awesome if you've got the time and the right fixer-upper tools!

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