Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorable Memorial Day Finds of the Glass Variety

I was a busy shopper over the holiday! Ripley, which is the town closest to me, has an annual "On Sale" event every Memorial Day weekend, and people come from all over to both buy and sell. I had planned to set up this year but found myself too tired to do all the advance preparation for it after the family reunion weekend. So I used the time to stock up on inventory for the coming months, because as busy as my storytelling schedule will be I don't think I'll have too much time for searching out bargains.

Here's some of the glass I found last weekend; I'll show our furniture finds in another post.

As you can see, it was a wide variety. From the mushroom canisters of the 70's to Pyrex, Depression glass and even a few pieces of the old Early American pattern glass, it was a weekend to find anything you might be interested in.

Some of the Pyrex was actually a buy from a Facebook group that meets locally. The teapot clock is new but so retro-looking with its red plastic case.

A "barbed wire" divided Pyrex, Verde casserole with lid, and a set of Butterfly Gold bowls.

A pattern glass cream pitcher in a yet-to-be-identified pattern. It has chips but I don't mind, it's old enough to have earned them. Behind it to the right is an older, possibly just as old as the pitcher, milk glass vase that probably had gold highlights on its pattern once. 

Another unidentified piece is the opalescent plate--and come to think of it, the clear hobnail tumbler too. The blue is Hazel Atlas Moderntone, and the tea canister is an extra that I'll either sell as it is, or perhaps find a set missing this part.

 I am a sucker for old plates, too- and for 25 cents, these two had to be mine. The little creamer is restaurantware, and the pink cake plate is Jeannette's cubist pattern. The bowl marked 2 has gone to Goodwill--I bought it with some other things and loved it, but alas it has a big chip in it and I don't need any more chipped bowls. (Apparently I do need chipped cream pitchers since I kept that green one!)

An unidentified casserole, probably Glasbake or Federal, nice ironstone pitcher, and an unused brass filigree picture frame. Those old frames seem to sell if they're painted white.

Dishes, dishes, dishes! Sets, especially incomplete sets, are hard to sell but I took a chance on this one. There are no identifyinhg markings but it has the feel of good china. I loved the gold ball pitcher (anchor hocking Lido Milano pattern). When I was 12 I bought one just like it for my mother at the five-and-dime for 79 cents! The glasses are also Anchor Hocking (Serreno pattern). To the bottom left is one of those alunimum stacking canister/lunchbox/picnic set, take your pick--they're called many things. Also in the pick a piece of Guardian Ware with its lid that I will list on eBay.

I believe this bowl is pattern glass too, possibly Jersey Swirl but don't quote me. It may be a punch bowl base--more research needed on this one.

Kimberly mugs by Fire-King; I bought three from one seller and one from another. There's also a plain green mug in this mess, and a black and white one. Another pattern glass piece--the vase in front of the mugs, more research! Behind the lamp chimney is a small Fenton compote and a wood globe that was apparently a souvenir from Haiti.

Who made this? I believe it is by Cameron Clay Products which was located in Cameron, WV, but others say it was made by Cronin in Ohio. Whichever it is, it is a nice mid-century piece.

 And Blenko! With applied flowers on crackle glass. I do love blenko glass, so this was a good find.

A bright blue horse paperweight rests on some English china.

And finally, more Guardian Ware and a pretty amber dish that I found had a chip after I got it home. Ah well, I will keep it for my own use. I am one of the few that likes amber glass these days, and this one has an intriguing pattern. It's large, a platter, really.

So that's a little bit of the weekend's glass finds. I think it will keep us stocked along with the stuff we already have stored. June will be a month of little buying and July is likely to follow suit so I was glad to get some good things ready to go.

Next up: all the other stuff. Stay tuned!

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Nance said...

I don't 'know' guardian glass. so will get after that! you have so much glass knowledge. wish I knew more as I love it.

annie said...

That's a lot of great pieces, loved seeing them!
Hope you have a wonderful summer!
How you keep those names straight amazes me!
I often recognize things, but never really retain the names in my head.

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