Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Finds in the Smalls Department...and a Few Bigs Too

Some good things came our way recently! Here's a few of them: 

First and maybe the most exciting is this set of three Pyrex turquoise bowls. They needed some cleaning, and they're not perfect but they're fairly rare. Added them to the stacks of Pyrex that will one day get to a booth, or get on eBay.

Another piece of Pyrex that surprised me by how in demand it is. This dish is actually a pale yellow, called Dawn Yellow, or Yellow Dawn. It too required some elbow grease and I still see some places I need to clean but it will be worth the work in the end.

And still more Pyrex: a bright blue casserole with an oval lid with gold scrolls. Beside it is a pretty Carnival glass bowl. I don't know the maker yet, and honestly I'm not into Carnival and don't have much luck selling it. Heresy, my former mother-in-law would say! She loved Carnival glass and had a good bit, but it does not appeal to me at all.

My favorites of this lot are the two vases. The tall green one has a kind of ruffled top, and the clear one has "zippered" panels on it. The green is perfect, the clear has a crack and a chip which I did not see when I bought it, but I like it anyway. It's probably 100 years old at least, and deserves some respect. The packages of glasses are Anchor Hocking, mid-century and still in the original boxes marked $1.49! I think I'll be asking a bit more than that for them. There's also a couple yellow Depression plates, a Corning pie plate, a one-cup Pyrex and 2-cup Fire-King measuring pitchers, a silverplate bootie bank, an Anchor Hocking juicer,  a pink Hazel Atlas pitcher, a rose bowl, and a few other things here.

 I worked a good while on this copper teapot. It had a protective coat of  lacquer that was all scratched up and when that happens the lacquer has to be removed. I didn't have anything except my trusty nail polish remover to use and only a little of that, so this one will get finished later. Also in the pic is a Blue Ridge pottery place, a piece of Guardian cookware, and two clear Early American Pattern Glass relish dishes that don't show very well in the glare from the flash.

We got this Cosco stool a month ago and just brought it inside. I still haven't cleaned it up, but this one is a keeper for me. We've needed a stool like this for a while--we've sold several and I finally decided this sunny yellow one had my name on it.

Odds and ends heading to the booths:

and more odds and ends heading to the storage building for painting later:

and a box for nephew Josh who makes wind chimes, jewelry and other whimsies from metal pieces--there's some silverplated flatware in the bottom which Josh fashions into earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well as other things.

A cool old picture frame that I might just clean up and take to a booth as is,

and a cute little stool that seems pretty straightforward, until you turn it over and see

this date carved into the bottom Isn't that interesting? I think someone made it for his little wife to reach into those tall cabinets and closets in the Victorian-era homes. Maybe I'm just being romantic?

Then there's a pile of "bigs": a kitchen island, old dresser that needs some love, a brass bed, metal locker that is some kinda dirty, and a porcelain top table, among other things. All of these, except the table, are going into the storage building until I have time to work on them.

And finally, a fiberglas mid-century lamp shade. These are hard to find in good condition so I buy every one I see that's reasonably priced. This one, at $2.00, was a steal and will make some mid-century lamp happy one day.

That's the pile I've been working on today. I hope your treasure hunts have been rewarding too!

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Quinn said...

Wow, that's a lot of loot! I do nearly all my cooking in Pyrex, much of which belonged to my Grammy or another relative, or else things I've picked up at tag sales. Last year I broke TWO of my favorite pots, both hard to find sizes, but I'm hoping to come across replacements this summer as the tag sales pop up everywhere.
And yesterday, I FINALLY got to the Post Office when it was open!!! Thank you so much for my prize! It is now glowing in a North window, catching my eye every time I walk through the parlor. Thank you!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I missed reading this post Sue. I LOVE seeing what you discover while you are out thrifting.

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