Saturday, May 9, 2015

Next Project, and This One is for Me

We had this china cabinet for sale in our Spencer booth, so when we closed that location it came back home. I already knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to paint it and keep it. With all the glass and china I own, I have no real china cabinet. I've sold several over the past few years, so why didn't I keep one for me? I have no idea!

This baby needs a little work. Her joints are loose and she just looks jaded, probably why she didn't sell. Larry has promised to fix her joints, and I am going to paint her. Now, normally I would not paint a piece like this, but this girl is so dark and worn-looking that I think paint is the best thing that can happen to her. I'm thinking antique white on the inside, and maybe a sage-y green on the outside. Or maybe all white. We'll see.

Hiding behind the cabinet is yet another Larry project, a very cool old floor lamp with green slag glass pieces. That one will probably wait for winter.

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Quinn said...

Years ago, a friend painted her china cabinet pale yellow on the outside but a very dark blue on the inside - it was stunning as a background for milk glass and other light-colored china. I've never seen anything like it, and I remember it vividly.

Jenny said...

A white in the inside will be gorgeous with all of your beautiful glass pieces. And sage green is one of my favorite colors. I can't wait to see it finished!

annie said...

great cabinet!
I've always loved the green glass on those lamps!

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