Monday, May 11, 2015

No Paint After All: The China Cabinet

 My husband convinced me to leave the china cabinet with its original dark finish, and I think it's fine. And I like all the work it saved me! I have it a good rubbing down with lemon oil after he did a little gluing, clamping and bracing to make it sturdier.

I found this cabinet at a yard sale last summer, along with several van and truckloads of other furniture. It's been in one of our booths since then but we never had a bite on it, probably because it was a little rickety. People don't like to buy things that need repair, I've found, even if the price is good. It took less than an hour to get it fixed, cleaned and ready to use.
It's nice to have a place to display my glass but I realized pretty quickly that it wasn't big enough. I have lots more glass that would not fit into this cabinet--and there's nowhere to put another one so I will be thinking about what to do about that.

Logic says downsize, heart says no way--and the urge is actually to buy more because I've learned what I like and I can often find it at ridiculous prices. I may be doing a one-in-one-out dance as I upgrade my collection.

The china moved into the cupboard where my glass once hid. I may change it out later and put the old flatwall that used to hold the china into this space, and put the jelly cupboard....where...that's the other problem. I've ended up with an extra cabinet and I don't really want to get rid of it, so what to do? Stay tuned! I may eventually figure out where it can be put, or it may end up in a booth after all.

This was my Mother's Day project, playing with glass and moving furniture. It was a task I enjoyed and I'm pretty satisfied, for the moment, with the result. I'll be making more changes and getting some different lights but for now, it will do.

All the pitchers, decanters and cruets wound up on top--now if I could just figure out where to put that flatwall, I'd have it made...

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Jenny said...

I inherited my mother's china cabinet & it's too small for all of my glass treasures. I keep thinking I'll sell it & buy a bigger one. I have room for one at least twice as big as hers but when it comes to actually making the change I always back out. I've been paring down my collection instead & have been happy with that. It is so hard to let go but I've been tough with myself & have started the one thing in two things out rule.

Susan Anderson said...

I need a new china cabinet myself. I like the wood as it is. Looks good!


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