Monday, May 25, 2015

What's in YOUR Purse?

I have all good intentions every time I start using a new-to-me handbag: I swear I will keep it neat and tidy. And always the same thing happens: it becomes a catch-all.

I misplaced a debit card the other day. I was positive I had put it in my wallet but it wasn't there, so finally I resorted to the old purse-dumping trick.

What was in there?

  • My wallet
  • Two checkbooks and a savings book
  • Three pairs of reading glasses and a pair of sunglasses
  • A tube of roll-on sunblock
  • bottle of Ibuprofen
  • bottle with a couple of allergy meds in it, just in case
  • a dozen hooks for pegboard
  • stain pens for quickie furniture repair
  • 6 ink pens, 2 markers, 1 pencil
  • 1 black light flashlight for checking for fluorescent glass
  • small tape measure

  • a few sheets of peel-off price tags
  • foundation, blusher and mascara
  • three packs of breath strips and a thing of breath mints
  • half a roll of quarters
  • two pushpins
  • a case for business cards
  • extra camera battery
  • flash drive
  • cell phone
  • Kindle
  • scissors
  • about 25 receipts
  • spray bottle of olive oil scented with lavender oil
  • hairbrush and hairpick
  • safety pins
  • notepad
  • watch
  • the day's mail

This isn't a huge handbag by any means, but what it can hold is certainly impressive. I have to admit that most if it went right back in because it's stuff I need to have with me. Fortunately my wallet is one of those with a strap so I can pull it out and carry it alone.

So, what's in your purse?

(oh, the debit card was in my wallet after all, tucked in with a bunch of receipts)

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Quinn said...

I carry a little backpack-style leather purse, so it doesn't hold enough to get too cluttered, thank goodness. But my car, now, that's another story. I clean it out completely Spring and Autumn, but the other 363 days are quite a jumble.

Nance said...

I carry a wallet. or what I would have called a billfold. It holds my cash, my check book, my coins and my ID and credit cards. I do stew a bit about losing it but otherwise, I am feel liberated from a purse!!!

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