Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries--Jamming It Up

My little cherry tree is producing its heart out this year. This is a small part of the last picking, being processed through the cherry stoner.

I wonder if this old Hoosier ever saw this process before. I imagine it has, because these cabinets were the kitchen workhorse of their day. On the left is the jam I made last week, still waiting to get taken out to the cellar.

Cherries, all pitted and ready for jam. By the time I was finished this bowl and another were full.

And into the pot, mixed with mulberries, strawberries and a few red currants.

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Rowan said...

It looks so delicious! I love cherries but don't have a cherry tree so shall have to go and buy some I think. English cherries should be in season now.

Quinn said...

Oh what a great harvest! Yum! I love cherries, but they are not grown much - if at all - in my neck of the woods. So even when they are "cheap" they are still coming from far away and are an extravagance for me. Last year I learned (thanks to a comment on my blog, which is the BEST thing about blogging I think) that whole pitted cherries freeze as well as seedless grapes. The two are now my main treats, especially for hot weather. Most times, I'd even rather have frozen cherries than ice cream! Just a thought in case you run out of jars ;)

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