Thursday, June 11, 2015

Booth Updates: Ravenswood, Noggin Whacker and Marietta

It's been a little while since I posted photos of our booths. Here's a quick tour of some of the changes. 

First, this little chalkboard desk is now in our Marietta booth. (The white desk to its left sold last weekend--you can see it better here). This little teal desk was an old sewing machine cabinet but with a few changes and some paint, it's now a creative center for play.

We sold the round oak table I'd painted white, so we moved in the green cracked ice Formica top table Larry restored during the winter. It's been waiting for its turn to shine.

A few of the "smalls" I've worked on recently: two small mirrors, and a "family" piece with buttons and burlap.

At Noggin Whacker Barber Shop and Antiques we added this nice porcelain top table. It needed only a little TLC and some paint on the legs--and I went ahead and painted inside out outside of the drawer too. I left the turquoise paint on the red Bakelite pull though, I thought it looked pretty cool.

Also at Noggin Whacker, a pitcher and bowl with the mirrored stand found a nice corner for display.

This china cabinet was a recent project. We'd used it as we'd found it to store our DVD and photo albums. It was the usual dark finish of the Depression era, and pretty beat up, missing its door, but it worked for us. But to sell it I decided to give it a coat of antique white paint and some distressing to freshen it up. I waxed it with a soft wax to finish.

And here it is, completed and in the booth at Marietta.

The dresser I'd been working on for a good while is also finally finished and at our Marietta booth. This one took some time, because I layered three colors of paint and then sanded back so the colors showed through, distressed it and then finished with a good coat of General Finishes High Performance Top Coat so it can withstand heavy use.

Here's a photo to show the layering and distressing on the top.

Another small project. this little cabinet was the most appalling shade of yellow with some sort of rough stuff all over it. Sanding, a new knob and paint brought it back to beautiful.

Marietta is my Pyrex place. I have most of my pieces for sale there.

Mid-century also sells better at Marietta than at my other booths. The aluminum canisters probably won't be here for long.

Mid-century lamps and lots of mirrors at Marietta!

And lots of kitchenware too, a steady seller. The blue Fenton water set sold last week.

Glass and more glass. I admit, I'm a glass-aholic. It sells, although not as well as the old kitchen stuff.

Here is the old flatwall cabinet I wrote about here. It's a rough one, but I'm hoping someone else will love its character and take it home. If not, it will come back here for some paint.

Inside I chose more primitive-looking pieces to go with the old look of the cabinet. The bottom of this cabinet reads "Gilmer, W.Va." which I think indicates that it's an 1800's piece.

More Pyrex! This is in a chimney cupboard we recently restored. This cupboard had been in a horse barn and was looking pretty rough. A new back, some new shelves, sanding and paint brought it back to like new condition. I almost kept this one.

A view of our new space at Marietta, although it's changed already since this photo. Change is the name of the game in selling and showcasing our items. I'm kinda sad this dropleaf table with 4 chairs hasn't sold yet. For $200 it seems like a good deal to me, especially since the table comes with three leaves and table pads to protect the top. I suppose this color and style is just out of fashion right now. It may also come home to be painted, but I hate like anything to cover that beautiful wood.

So that's a whirlwind tour of the booths! I am sure that by now some things have already changed since I took the photos. It's a stuff-in, stuff-out business, and that's the real fun of it. 

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Quinn said...

I feel the same about painting over nice wood...I'll bet the right person will spot that dropleaf table and chairs, and be thrilled to have found such a great deal!

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