Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ravenswood Booth Updates

Sell one piece of furniture, and look out! When you fill your pieces with glassware and other collectibles and then the piece sells, that means a lot of things have to find a new display place. And if you keep your booths as full as we do, then it can be a real challenge to relocated everything.

So we sold this china cabinet that I painted last summer, and I was happy about that. And fortunately we had that Hoosier cabinet ready to move in. But the things in the china cabinet weren't really right for putting in the Hoosier--I like to put kitchen things in kitchen cabinets for display, and the china cabinet held tableware and a full set of Crooksville china for 8. That meant a lot of re-arranging to make things look the way I like them to look.

The china is now stacked neatly on a shelf, and I think it displays pretty well there--not as nice as the cabinet, but change is always good in a booth.

We moved this dresser into the space formerly occupied by the china cabinet, then moved an occasional table (I wonder why they're called that??) and a few small pieces into the space where the dresser had been--and that opened up space for the Hoosier. It's kind of like dominoes. For one thing to happen another has to happen and so on until finally everything is in place again.

Soon after I put the dresser in place, and put the mirror over it, a woman came in and began looking at it. Now this dresser had been in my booth for months with only one or two people showing interest. When something moves to a different place, though, it seems to catch people's attention, so moving things around in a booth is always a good thing. (I'd also moved a little carnival glass cup that had been in this booth since I opened it. It was only $3.00 but there it still was. Soon after I moved it yesterday, a young woman came along and bought it and the carnival dish I'd put it next to.)

 I think the mirror is what sets off this dresser, even though it doesn't match it at all. I would love to paint them both, but the dresser is really an old piece and solid oak or possibly walnut beneath its current paint. So my heart can't agree with painting it even though it would probably sell more quickly with paint. If we still have it by winter it will come home and get stripped and refinished.

I continued the red, white and blue theme on this little porcelain-topped table,

and brought in a little rocking horse I painted a couple weeks back. I really like the way it came out. He's also in the red, white and blue theme although the photo doesn't show the red very well.

Another grouping of similar pieces--vintage crystal and Victorian painted plates. I know this kind of decor isn't as popular right now as the "prim" look, but I love it and keep hoping a new trend for more elegant decorating will take off.

I realized I had several fairy lamps at Ravenswood, so I grouped them too. The most recent addition is this ruby Viking piece.

In another cabinet, more pretty glass. 

And a little more...glass isn't the best seller, but it does sell steadily. And I'm such a sucker for it i can't pass it by when I see it selling for a reasonable price. That pitcher and bowl is a beauty too--and I noticed yesterday that there are FOUR pitcher and bowl sets in this booth! I think I need to move a couple to other locations. But for now they are all still at Riverbend.

We left with everything back in place, and only ended up removing a couple stools that I want to take to our Marietta booth. A few hours of work and the booth looks refreshed.

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Anonymous said...

An "occasional table" is a small, portable table that is brought out and used for specific occasions. An example would be the temporary table to put a tea cup on when you have guests, set next to a chair that normally doesn't have a table by it.--Mario R.

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