Monday, June 1, 2015

That Hoosier

So here she is, the one we rescued from the trash:

She needed a little repair work. The bottom drawer needed a new bottom and both sides of the base had water damage. So a little work, a little paint and 4 replacement casters and now it's almost like new.

She is missing her sifter, sadly--many people removed them when flour started coming pre-sifted.

But she still has the wire door rack,

And this very cool metal bread drawer with its sliding stop still intact.

She's now in our booth in Ravenswood at the Riverbend Antique Mall. I hope we can find her a good home.

This is one project that was a pure joy to work on.

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Carolyn H said...

Nice, I have a Hoosier cabinet, but it's just the tall narrow cabinet, not the full works. I love the Hoosier's!

Jenny said...

Beautiful job!

Quinn said...

Someone is going to be THRILLED with that one! :)

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous Hoosier. Nice work!

annie said...

Ah, giving the ole' girl a pat on her back, she does look wonderful!
I hope someone buys her and loves her for another 100 years!

Nance said...

If we were closer, we'd love her and tend her. Good job, you two!

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