Friday, June 12, 2015

That's Good, That's Bad

Memorial Day weekend, on the way to our son's house, the van's transmission started acting up.
That's bad!

But it happened right near a neighbor's house so we could get it off the road.
That's good!

However, when we looked, we found all the transmission fluid was gone.
That's bad.

Our neighbor was home so we could call our son and let him know we'd be late. Then the neighbor gave Larry a ride home to get our truck. We could leave our van in his yard until we could get it towed.
That's all good, right?

We had to take the truck to our son's house. The air conditioner didn't work.
That's bad! So bad!

But we had a great time, and his grilled chicken is to die for, trust me.
That's good.

Found a place to fix the van. But they got lost and couldn't find it.
That's really bad.

Next day. they found it, towed it to the shop.
That's good!

Found the transmission was wrecked, would need total rebuild, $2800.
That is beyond bad, that stinks!

But they would probably have it done in a few days.
Whew! That's good.

Well, actually, a lot more wrong than they thought. Add $1200 to the repair bill.
Ouch, that's not just bad, that's terrible.

When it's done, it will be like factory-new.
I guess that's good? I just want it back. And where will I get the money? Retirement fund, here I come!

So it didn't get done, I could not get to my granddaughter's graduation six hours away, and I still don;t know when I will get my van back. If ever.

Feeling sad tonight. Missed the graduation, miss my van, worried about how much all this will cost.

Weighing the good and bad, the bad wins this time.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Giant BIG OUCH. Our trans went 2 hours into the USA from Canada. On the I5. AAA to the border and CAA to the dealership. Got there 5 minutes before closing. Transmission. Taxi home. Nasty bill. Ruined the planned weekend and then some.

Really sorry to hear about your van and transmission. AND then missing a grand daughters grad. That hurts.

Hope things get sorted.


Rowan said...

Really sorry about this, the bad definitely outweighs the good in your case. What a shame you missed your granddaughter's graduation.

Mac n' Janet said...

Oh my, $4,000 in car repairs is not good no matter how you spin it. Hope things get better.

annie said...

that sounded like a bad story, so sorry it is true for you!
hope you get it back soon, we have not had air conditioning in a vehicle in 8 years, now that's bad too, ah just crying for both of us now!

momalizzie said...

That's just not bad, that's a mean, mean thing to happen. My heart goes out to you!

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