Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hills Creek Falls

We were sitting on the porch at the camp Saturday and Dave said, "I bet Hills Creek Falls are roaring. Might go down and take some pictures."

"I'll go with you," I said. And off we went.

Hills Creek Falls are located near West Virginia's Cranberry Glades. They are a series of three waterfalls, dropping 220 feet down a narrow hollow. I'd been down about 10 years ago and well remembered the steep climb back up and how winded I was after making that climb. There are, I think, about 500 steps to the bottom, some of them in a wire cage-type of structure hanging over a cliff where you can see down below you, a challenge for folks like me with vertigo. But I remembered the beauty of the falls and have been wanting to go back even though I knew I would not be able to go all the way down to the lower falls.

It was worth the effort. The laurel was in bloom along the narrow path, and the lush green of hundreds of plant varieties created rich patterns of green, shade and light.

The recent wet weather made the steps and paths very slippery with moss and such.

The upper falls; not the best shot but as good as I got on this trip.

These are the middle falls, and as far as I was able to go, as the wire cage steps started just past here.

Dave was busy with his professional equipment, and the photos he showed me later were breath-taking.

I left him to it and started back up because I knew it was going to be a slow trip. I think I needed a slow-moving vehicle sign on my back! I was a little comforted by meeting other, younger people on the trail who also had to stop occasionally on the way back up.

Small falls graced the path all along the way, results of the recent heavy rains.

I was winded but happy when I returned to the van. I hope I can go back to the falls one day and actually make it all the way to the bottom, but for now, this was enough to keep me happy. I'd like to see these falls in winter, and in fall because they are sure to be gorgeous in any season.

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Rowan said...

Steps in cages hanging out over nothing are not my idea of a good time either! I wonder what the Falls look like in winter - do they ever freeze I wonder? We have waterfalls that freeze in a bad winter and they look really spectacular and beautiful.

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