Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Storytelling Road Trip: At Camp

Peace, friends, music and relaxation were the goal for the weekend and we met it in spades. These are photos from the cabin that belongs to a good friend, where we stayed:

 Green and peaceful, 

with quite a few four-legged visitors:

Larry named this guy Buddy--he came visiting regularly in search of the apples dropping from the trees around the cabin. Munch munch!

And then he was so scared of us he had to lie down. Right.

He had a shy female friend who tended to keep a little more distance between herself and us.

And there was an even shyer young buck who was probably trying not to get in the way of the bigger guy.

Those apples were attractive to this ol' groundhog too. He would come out, eat his fill, and then go stretch out on the roof of a low shed to sunbathe. Honestly!

I took this through the kitchen window--can you see the squirrel? He was also coming after the apples. I didn't know squirrels liked them.

We enjoyed watching all this activity. At home our dogs keep the wildlife away, which is their job so we can have a garden. But at this camp, we can share the space with them, and no one minds at all.

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Mac n' Janet said...

Great photos, looks like a relaxing place to stay.

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like a very inviting spot!


Rowan said...

What a lovely place to spend the weekend. All the wildlife makes it extra special.

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