Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In the Pacific Northwest: At the Coast

 We took a short drive one day during our trip to visit the Pacific Ocean. While I've been in Seattle and Bellingham, Washington before, I had never seen the Pacific, and Larry's last view of it was coming home from Vietnam. It was a gray, overcast, drizzly afternoon but who cared?

Waves in, waves out. What could be more peaceful?

 We were not alone on the rocky shore. Many others were there to enjoy a quiet afternoon. While the town of Lincoln City was just behind us, here it seemed that it was all Nature, doing what she does best.

Sea Anemones bloomed in a shallow pool between the rocks,

while wildflowers peeped out of a stone wall,

and a pile of shells (mussels?) created an interesting pattern and texture on an exposed rock.

A beautiful place to ponder, to explore, to watch.

and to listen.

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Michelle said...

Lovely photos! A place I need to visit!

Celia said...

So beautiful, peace and power all in one place.

Jenny said...

I love the beauty of Oregon.

Ten yrs ago our little family took a month long road trip following the Lewis & Clark Trail for it's bicentennial. Oregon was my favorite part of the trip, travelling along the Columbia river, seeing all the waterfalls & spending days on the beach.

We came back through the southwest, seeing the Grand Canyon. It took us years to save enough money to go, plus take a whole month off work! Our son worked hard doing bake sales earning money to go. It's our big adventure that we still talk about - when we followed the trail. :)

Granny Sue said...

Jenny, what an adventure! That trip must still bring you great pleasure when you look back on it.

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