Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In the Pacific Northwest: More from the Powwow

A few more random photos from the powwow:

Grandson Jared and his girlfriend Pilar came out to enjoy the day with us. We explored the tipis that belonged to Reyn's cousin. These are not the historical dwellings of the Indians of this region, but members of many tribes had gathered for this powwow, as you might have heard in the video I posted the other day. 

 Beautifully painted, and I liked the flags flying from the poles.

A deerskin serves as a doorflap on this one.

Nice bumper sticker!

Two women dance in the mother-daughter dance.

The detail on the dresses was fabulous. This one had shell trim, and the pouch was heavily beaded.

Another family of female dancers--several generations are represented here.

The drummers played and sang throughout the powwow.

Young and old danced all day. 

Tomorrow, a little of Portland. I have enjoyed posting the photos of our trip--I relived the experience as I put together these posts. Such memories are worth more than any amount of money, aren't they? I am looking now for powwows in my area, as I now understand that we would be welcome at any of them. Indians want to share their culture, I learned, so if there's a powwow near you, consider attending.

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storytellermary said...

What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing it <3

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