Thursday, September 10, 2015

Looking Around Limerick

Theresa and I spent the better part of two days exploring Limerick. The fun part of not being part of a tour group is that we were able to just go where our curiosity too us, like this lovely park located just across from the train/bus station. Called People's Park, it was originally intended to be the central park of a square of Georgian homes, and to be for the use of the homeowners only. However funds dried up before the project was completed and the park was given to the city to be used by the citizens. 
 There is a great playground for children and this cute little structure that I believe housed a fountain. My memory fails me!

From our hotel window we could see the spire of this church so we set out to find it. This is St. John's Cathedral, located in what is now not perhaps the best part of town. By Irish standards, I suppose this is a "new" church, since it was begun in 1856. 

The beautiful interior of St. John's.

I don't think I ever got enough of looking at stained glass in the churches we visited.


Across the square from St. John's was this smaller church. I have not been able to find its name, and we saw no sign or nameplate on the building when we were there. It is boarded up and apparently not in use. It may be one of the two St. Munchin's located in Limerick. 

The churchyard contained an intriguing graveyard, with many interesting monuments.

Looking toward St. John's.

The Raven and the Cross--sounds like a story, doesn't it?

 I really like this church--maybe it's the mystery of its name, or perhaps the graveyard with its tilting stones.

We wondered who they were trying to keep in this tomb--no name on it. From the cracks, I'd guess that whoever it was has already escaped.

We left the churches and began walking toward King John's Castle (more on that in the next post). We stopped in at The Square, a pub located just across from St. John's Cathedral. It was a local sort of place, not touristy like many we'd seen--more like a bar really--but I needed to find a ladies room and this was the only place around. The people were friendly and directed me upstairs. As I came back down I saw this sign on the wall. Poet's Corner? Really? No, I was told, that was just a joke. Well, we were in Limerick, after all, so I thought it might have been for real.

This mailbox with its "Welcome" (pronounced, Fallcha, roughly) attracted my camera,

as did the blue door on an abandoned (and for sale) school building.

On down the street, a little junk shop. We went in but came away empty-handed, being mindful of having to get things back to the US.

The River Shannon and the River Abbey meet in Limerick--and all along the length of the rivers are periodically placed these life preservers.

Another antique shop!

The front window was fantastic, so we went inside to browse. We had a great time looking and talking to the owner, but again left empty-handed.

Not far from the antique store was The Cauldron Pub. I loved the big black pot hanging over the door.

Much more coming from Limerick, but I won't be posting for a few days as I'm off to tell stories and sing ballads at the Mercer County Heritage Festival. Stay tuned!

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Enjoy yourself at the festival. I would love to wander around those churchyards!

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