Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Fall Look

Slowly the change is coming...as this Tamarack tree is showing with its slight golden glow.

Nearby, on the banks of the creek, a small tree tips gracefully towards the water,

while the sunlight makes lace of the leaves on these.

Playing a little peek-a-boo

I'm not sure if this was a holly or a mountain ash, but the berries were numerous and colorful.

On the drive to Cross Lanes Saturday, I noticed this little building sheltered under a huge tree.

Nearby was this vine-covered old barn, slowly sinking into the earth.

Gates always attract my eye--maybe it's the lines, or order against nature's random arrangements?

It's been frosty-cold at home in the mornings.


I saw this old steel bridge near Jackson's Mill. I think the sign said Two Mile Run Bridge. No longer in use, but at least it's still standing.

After this cold snap I think we'll see a rapid change from green to gold, but I've enjoyed the gentle transition of the past week. I hope you're warm and have not seen the snow fly just yet where you are.

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Quinn said...

We had 2 nights in a row of high-teens, and now it's (hopefully) going to be warm for a few days. As you say, the foliage will have changed dramatically in response to that sudden cold.
Curious about the tamarack...I've always thought that was anther name for hemlock, but maybe I'm wrong. Is it a larch?

Granny Sue said...

Yes, it's a larch, Quinn. I had to look that up because I wasn't sure. I've always just heard them called tamarack here.

Nance said...

I'm always caught up by old barns brought to their knees. Sinking, falling into the earth. It is so sad . . .

Quinn said...

Thanks for clearing up my tamarack confusion! It's one of those names I've seen written down but have never heard anyone use. Don't know how I got it into my head that it was another name for hemlock! :)

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