Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Booth Work

I've been trying to catch up on work in my booths in between storytelling and travel. Both are doing very well considering how I've neglected them, but I stuffed them full in September, knowing this month was going to be busy.

Here's a look at a few changes we made recently at Marietta:

The amberina and ruby shelf has been a hit lately, with several pieces sold. I've thinned down my personal collection as I've concentrated more on collecting Blenko glass, so I've had a ready-made stockpile.

Weird fish, anyone? These aren't old, but they sure are cool. I bet they won't be in my booth for long.
I'm probably going to bring the breadbox home to be painted, since it's not selling as is.

Kitchen reds, how I love them. And if I had room, I'd probably keep all of these, but...

I found these snowshoes at a thrift store in Buffalo, NY. Pretty cool, aren't they?

 And suitcases! Suddenly I have a wealth of old suitcases. I stacked them up, hoping someone might be hit with a flash of brilliance and buy them all to use for storage. A girl can dream, right?

Aluminum canisters are good sellers, but not so much the coppertone ones.

Lots of teapots--the brown ones in front are actually quite small, one-cuppers. I'd not seen any that size before. The brown one in the rear is very like one I saw being used in the movie "The Secret of Roan Inish", an Irish movie about a remote island.

Funny story about these shakers--I found one of them about 3 years ago in an auction lot. Last week I found its mate! What are the odds of that happening!

I have not seen violin bottles in these colors before--I've seen clear, cobalt and brown, but not green and amethyst.

I've done a lot of work at Ravenswood recently but forgot to bring my camera so I snapped a couple with my phone of the biggest pieces. I used this large cabinet to display linens for now, as an idea of how it can be used.

This sifter base would sure make a nice kitchen island, wouldn't it? Also great as a baking center or for crafts, since the porcelain top would clean up so easily.

I brought this large desk in a while back, and priced it pretty reasonably. But no takers yet. Sigh.

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Quinn said...

It never fails - I always see something I'd love to have when you give us a tour of your booths! I've been looking for a nice old breadbox for quite a while - since I had my oven fixed, which had been serving as a very good breadbox but I'd rather have an oven! I have not yet come across a decent breadbox at the local thrift shops. Hoping for one of the old metal rolltops, like what I grew up with...can see it now: white with red trim and flower decals :)

Gretel said...

That little kitchen unit is fabulous! I cling to a theory of my own that (nearly) everything sells, in the end - a home for everything. And you have so many lovely things, beautifully displayed.

Grandma Susan said...

Suzanne, you must come to Nostalgia in Parkersburg. There is a new dealer who has almost nothing in his booth but Blenko glass. You would love it!

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