Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ghost Walk

 The ghost walk was a blast. The weather was perfect fall weather, clear and just a little chilly. It was still light when we started the first walk, but darkness came quickly and made for a fine, spooky finish.

Lots and lots of stories...once again I dug into history to learn more about Ripley, the people, the places and the strange things that have happened here.

And each walk, I hear more stories from those attending.

We had visits from a sheriff, a Confederate soldier, a ghostly woman and a wandering preacher during the walk that took us from around the courthouse and up to an old cemetery,

then back to the center of town where there are lots of tales.

The first weekend walks are over, but we'll do it again next week.

Many thanks to the Ripley Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Jackson Players drama group for making this happen!

(And the scariest thing I saw all night... Larry clowning for the camera!)

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Rowan said...

This looks like a fun thing to do, I don't think I've ever been on a ghost walk though I've seen them advertised in London when I've been down there.

Granny Sue said...

Rowan, there are ghost walks and there are ghost walks, I've learned. Some have characters at each location telling the stories, others tell only a small snippet, not really a story but just the facts of the place. I include a lot of historical information, try to get people to see the town as it once was, with the boardwalks, the mud, the fights, the mills, etc. The one we went on in St. Augustine was very entertaining and funny, but I didn't come away with any sense of the place being haunted. It was kind of disappointing. I can imagine London would have an amazing walk with lots of history. Really, any place in England would probably have a fine ghost walk.

Dustin Fife said...'ve inspired me to do some searching on local ghost walks. I'm not sure my wife will let me take the kiddos, but I'm always up for a good ghost story ;)

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