Sunday, November 1, 2015

Apple Butter Day

We had a perfect day for our annual apple butter cooking. Cool, crisp enough to see your breath in the morning, then gradually so warm we took off our jackets, then cool again as clouds moved in. But the conversations kept us warm all day as we stirred, stoked the fire, and washed jars.

George ended up being the chief stirrer this year, although everyone took a turn.

Larry minded the fire and kept up a steady stream of orneriness all afternoon, and the grandkids were there to do anything asked.

Here's the crew: Larry, Hannah's boyfriend Jeremiah (who is so tall we had to ask him to sit down so he'd fit in the frame!), Hannah, Haley, Grace, and George.

This time Jeremiah volunteered to take the photo so I could be in the picture. That was nice. George kept the pot stirred so it didn't scorch while we messed around with pictures.

 The finished product, about 32 quarts of rich brown, spicy apple butter. Mmmmmm.

Cleanup time, covering over the fire, washing up the kettle, wiping down tables, etc, takes a little time.

At the end of the day, trick or treaters! What a fine time it was from beginning to end.

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annie said...

Haven't been to a stir off in awhile, sure is work, but boy does that stuff taste good. A lady at church used to do it, she always put 5 very old silver dollars in the pot. She said that the moving silver would keep it from trying to stick, but you still had to keep it moving. Worth the work, I'm thinking!

Michelle said...

What a great day of traditional work and fun. Looks like you had a great crew!

Brighid said...

Looks like an awesome day. Apple butter is delicious, haven't made it in years, should do it again. Thanks for taking us along on a special day.

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