Saturday, November 21, 2015

Something Old, Something New--To Us

We gave ourselves an early Christmas present this year.

We found it at an auction, and bought it to re-sell. But once it was home, it just looked like it was, well...home.

 So today we did a major rearranging to make a place for it. We are so happy with our new old secretary.

It's not perfect--the finish is old and worn, there's a hole in the little drawer inside. We don't care.

If I re-sold it as planned, I was going to paint it, and that was really bothering me. Because I don't like to paint old wood, but to refinish this one would take a LOT of time that we don't have.

Funny, though, because for us, the old, worn finish is just fine.

She holds a lot of books, thank goodness, because we had to get rid of one of our bookshelves. Fortunately, only a few books had to be weeded to have enough space for the ones we really wanted to keep.

Getting it in here meant moving shelves of books, lamps, chairs, you name it. In the process we got a lot of cleaning done, so that was good in itself.

Now it's all done. Not something that was on my to-do list, but something that sure has made us happy. Some of my feather collection found a new place,

the globe and some lamps got shifted around,

and the little hobo art corner shelf got some new glass.

Done and done!

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Love love love it. WE had one very similar. Gave it to our daughter, Jill. During hard times she sold it. Which was fine with us. However I'm a bit sad we didn't keep it. R paid too much for it at an antique shop in Baltimore, OH. He loved antiques and just plain old stuff. I have a few things left. An oak organ stool, an old oak china cabinet with holes in the sides with screen, pie safe, I guess. Then I have a saw tooth oak wash stand which I love. Big jug in front of fireplace. A table made out of old sewing machine drawers, which R loved. A few oil lamps. Let's see. I think that it. This is why I enjoy your blogs so much. They are reminders of my past. Hugs.

Granny Sue said...

When I give something away, it's a gift--it sounds like you did the same thing, Barbara. It helped your daughter when she needed it. It sounds like you have quite a few nice things that keep your memories alive, and make your new place home. At some point we may have to downsize too, and it will be okay. Things are just things, here to give us pleasure while we can enjoy them, but then they move on, as we do. I would love to see the table made out of sewing machine drawers--sounds intriguing.

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