Friday, November 20, 2015

The Ravenswood Booth--More Updates

We've worked on our Ravenswood booth twice this week, adding new things and gettting a little Christmas in there.

Larry repaired this vintage clock-actually took two clocks (one's ceramic part was broken, the other's clock did not work) and made one good one.

Here is the dressing table I've been working on, off and on, since the beginning of October. Storytelling intervened to put thisproject on hold, but it's finally finished.

I really loved the mirror on this, and those little jewelry/trinket boxes built into the dresser top.

Thw stove was one of Larry's projects, and the cabinet with the chicken wire was mine.

The Christmas Corner, complete with lighted tree and vintage ornaments. And that cute little bluebird ceramic wreath.

A mid-century modern crackle glass lamp, decanter and glasses on a retro Christmas tray, and a red-painted frame that was a quick project this week,

along with this rustic red mirror. This is an old-timer, very old glass in the mirror.

The little lights honestly are NOT pink, they're red, but my camera refused to see them that way.

A wagon full of Christmas gift ideas for the younger set.

Here is a closer look at that wreath. Don't you love it? Very soft colors, and those little birds in Santa hats!

Vintage ornaments on the tree.

And one last look...

It feels good to be back to working on furniture and smalls again, and getting new things into the booths. We'll be adding a little more to Marietta today as we continue our catch-up work.

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