Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We've Been Busy! More Booth Updates

See that "Layaway" sign? I'll need something
new for this spot pretty soon!
Things have been selling! Which is great, and means we've had to keep busy restocking our spaces in the two locations we currently rent. I'm telling you, downsizing from four locations to two and adding space at those two was one of the best things we could have done. It certainly simplified our work and travel.

So here's a few photos of some recent changes at our Ravenswood booth:

 The table and chairs were at our Parkersburg location, moved to Ravenswood a few weeks back. The amethyst floor lamp was also at Parkersburg. I like to have lamps on in my booths as they give a soft, inviting light.

 I showed the Tappan last time, just added a few decor items. And I bought replacement burner drip pans on eBay because the ones that came with it were pretty rusted. These aren't perfect, but much better. We are hoping to get the other set re-plated if the cost isn't too exorbitant. In the end I may make next to nothing on this stove but I don't care. I didn't want it to go to the junkyard, and it's an awesome display piece if nothing else.

Another stove came to this booth on Saturday. Don't you love this old parlor stove? It's Victorian era (late 1800's) and just the coolest looking thing.

I just finished up this end table last week, and will be getting another one done in the same style to go with it this week, I hope.

That's a quick look at a few of the changes at Ravenswood. Now here's Marietta:

Lots of picket fence pieces, old doors, hardware and rustic items in our new space at Marietta.

I moved most of the Pyrex into one cabinet; we'll see if that was a good idea.

I love these glasses but I must be the only one because i've had the set a while with no interest.

We moved a chimney cabinet from this wall to open up the pegboard for more display. I think it was a good move.

I was so pleased with how this little table came out! I tried a different technique on it and it came out just like I envisioned. Larry put a top on a treadle base to make a table too.

I painted this corner shelf last week. Lots of fiddly work to get it right.

A shelf full of Blenko glass,

a stack of vintage suitcases,

and a bunch of blue and other canning jars.

This week, my plan is to get some painting done so I have things ready to go when we return to these booths. Tax returns will be coming in before long, and people will be out shopping, so we need to be ready.

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Mac n' Janet said...

You have some great pieces, you're right the Tappan stove is too good to go to scrap. I can remember my Mother having one like it.

Susan Anderson said...

Neat stuff, and I can't believe what great shape the stove is in!


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