Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Speaking of the Weather...

Apparently there is quite a storm heading our way this weekend, if the forecasters are to be believed.

I think I may follow the example of Carolyn over at Roundtop Ruminations and watch the birds to see if they begin feeding more heavily in the next few days, an indication of bad weather on the horizon. My husband always says that the deer will be out feeding too, before bad weather, and then disappear as the storm gets closer. For myself, I find that I get very thirsty the day before a snowstorm. I don't know why that should be true, but there it is.

I've written quite a few weather posts over the years I've been keeping this blog, with several about weather folklore. Here are links to some of those posts:

Sundogs? Weather Dogs? Yes indeed. Pogonips too.

January, it seems, could have its own weather book,
But so could November.

How to prepare for winter, according to folklore, anyway.

Winter isn't alone in having lots of weather sayings and beliefs. There are plenty for rain too.

Then are websites that offer more advice for predicting weather by watching the world around you:

Even TV weathermen get into it, apparently.

Tristan Cooley, who runs a natural navigation school and has written several books on the topic, offers an interesting list of lore and fact on his website.

Homesteading blogger Granny Miller has a list of 50 weather signs to watch for on her website, and claims she can just watch her dogs and cats and know what's coming weatherwise.

So let's see how these old-time predictors fare with the coming storm. Will they be accurate? Will they fail? Or will the weather just be the weather, whether we want it or no?

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annie said...

ring around the moon, change will come in 3 days. it's been clear & very cold here the last couple of days. slow still laying on the driveway, waiting on some more to come pile on top of it, bah bug :( today was the first time I've been out in 4 days, sounds like we're in for a bad one.

Michelle said...

I have found that birds feed heavily here at my feeders before a big storm. We are due for several inches on snow, starting tomorrow night.

Susan Anderson said...

Loving that fall photo!

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