Sunday, February 21, 2016

Foggy Morning, Pretty Birds and Breakfast

 Life has been slower recently. No amazing things have happened, just the routine of everyday. Which is lovely in itself. I truly enjoy this time of regrouping and catching up. Yesterday was like a spring day, and it was so nice to go out without coat or jacket and enjoy the sun. I looked for my crocuses but none are yet in bloom. After that beautiful day the rain came in the night, and we woke to a soft fog-wrapped world.

We've been home a lot, working on a variety of projects. I am so amazed when people complain that they're bored--how is that possible? Each day brings so many possibilities that it's often difficult to choose which one to pursue. I did get one major task off my list, creating my postcards to promote the program I'm offering libraries for their Summer Reading theme this summer. About half are in the mail already so I feel like I'm on top of that project.

I've gotten back into the painting workroom, finished up a small piece and have my plans in line for the next 4 or 5 projects.

I also began learning about and selling vintage sheets and pillowcases online. I never knew so many people were into them! I like older sheets myself and that's all we use but I figured I was just weird. But as it turns out there are a lot of people like me to prefer the quality and feel of the older linens.

Today we're having a slow, Sunday-morning start. Larry made Sunday morning breakfast: eggs, bacon, rosemary bread toast, grits, jam and coffee. That's a meal that sets a person up for hours!

Pretty little glass birds shine in the gray morning on a kitchen windowsill. It's little things like this, a good breakfast, glass birds sparkling in the window, daffodils on the table, that make me smile. Little things. We need to stop and recognize the goodness they add to our lives. The world will careen on its crazy way, but we can slow it down in our own corner by taking time for little things.

Today's to-do includes meeting up with a friend to pick up some things I'm buying from her, then giving a short talk at the county historical society meeting about the West Virginia History Hero award I received recently. Then it's home to do a little painting and prepare for a presentation to a college class tomorrow, on Appalachian storytelling.

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Quinn said...

Like you, I really cannot imagine feeling bored in my ordinary life. Which is very ordinary indeed, but filled with lots and lots of those "little things" that enrich every day. Come to think of it, I guess my life is really ALL little things these days, but that's fine!

Michelle said...

There is a lot to be said for ordinary days. Many people aren't thankful for them, I think! I agree about the older linens. They have a quality, and softness, that linens today just don't have.

Susan Anderson said...

I don't find myself getting bored much, either. My mom used to tell us that there's no such thing as being bored. You can only be boring.


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